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Adoptive Sister's

April 19, 2010
By onetoughcookie SILVER, Clover, South Carolina
onetoughcookie SILVER, Clover, South Carolina
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Undesired tears running down my face like escaped prisoners. I had cried enough to last me a lifetime, maybe longer. Tears turn to hiccups as I begin to calm locked in my best friends grasp.

Neither of us smiles, neither of us speak. We know what the other has to say, unwanted words going unspoken. We stand outside my front door locked in an embrace.

Knowing the look on my mother’s face as I go to turn around back into this trap. Sympathy, unwanted, hope, unneeded, all she is offering is a shoulder to cry on. But, I have cried enough, there is no need for anymore tears.
We say goodbye one last time, promising phone calls, letters, pictures, and more. Although we both know those promises will be eventually forgotten, eventually unneeded. As we find other’s to spend our time with, to share our laughs with.

Walking back into my house I look over at my mom, a weak smile on her face. A bowl of ice cream and a spoon waiting for me on the table. I feel no hunger, I feel no pain, shutting myself off I head up the stairs to the picturesque room of my solitude.

I lock the door behind me thinking of the differences that will be taking place. Of the adoptive sisterhood soon to be shattered. The perfect one, the funny one, the shy one, my opposite taken away from me.

My phone goes off in my pocket and I smile knowing who it is. Knowing that she will be there for know, knowing deep down that she is smiling too.

“I already miss you
- way beyond bffs”

“I do too & always will

- H.E.Y.”

I sign the message with my initials an inside joke between the two of us. A smile shared even though we are physically apart. And inside me somehow I know that we will always be this way, even when separated.

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