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February 22, 2010
By YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
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I was so shocked, I dropped the letter. I turned around to my dresser and got some clothes out. I put on black skinnes with a bullet for my valentine t-shirt on. I opened my underwear drawer out an dug into the bottom. I found the pack of cigerattes and put them in my pocket. I went to my phone and picked it off of the floor. 1 new txt message:
From: Dustin
To: Renee
Hey, Cobie said that u had somoething thats come up? R u ok?

I smiled. He was so loyal to me.

Yea, im ok. wat did u do since i waznt there?

I sent the txt message to Dustin and went into the bathroom. I looked like a chipmuck thats been electricfied and smeared with eye liner. I started to redo it but then my phone vibrated. I looked at it.

We still went, but it waz weriod. Cobie kept telling me to buy a mocha and to cheer up, ... but then she shoved the mocha in my face.

I laughed.

Well, hope ur feelin better and got that mess out.

I started to redo my make up again. I heard the bed move and turned around. " Hey, Sleepin Beauty." I said to Nicson. He glared at me.

" Not funny, Renee." He rolled his eyes and got out of bed and came to me. "Whatcha doing?" He asked.

" Redoing my makeup fyi. " I went back to doing it. He wrapped his arms around me while I did it and then he checked the pocket that my cigrattes were. He pulled them out. " We going to the park?" He asked.

" Yea." I said.

" Could I have one cause mine are at my house."

" Yep." I got out my straightner and my phone buzzed again. I took it out and looked at it.

So where were u?

Nicson looked at it funny. " Where were u what?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

" It's Dustin. He was wondering why I wasnt at Starbucks."

" Youre not going to tell him, are you?"

" No, silly."

At my house.

I sent the txt and kept straightening my hair. Nicson put the cigrattes back in my pocket and walked out of the bathroom. I followed him just to see him getting his clothes on. I went back into the bathroom. " Hey, uh, Renee? Do you still have some of my clothes?" He asked.

" Yeah. There in the bottom drawer." I said to him. I went to my med. cabinet and got my perfume out . I went out of the bathroom and got my backpack, slipped the perfume out, and went to Nicson. He kissed my cheek. " You ready?" I asked.

" Yeah, I'm just going to get clone first." He pulled out his phone and dialed a number. " Hey, Dad?I'm staying at Renee's tonight, kay?" He said. " O.k. Love ya too. Bye." He snapped his phone shut and smiled at me. I smiled back and he went into the bathroom and came out holding some clone. He put that in my bag. " O.K. I'm ready." He said.I got my bag and went out the bedroom door.

" Sweetie, where are you going?" Mom asked.

" To Starbucks." I said and went out the door to the park. Nicson followed me.

The author's comments:
my 4th part.

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