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Bad Neighbor

January 14, 2010
By OlenkaOMg GOLD, Mooresville, North Carolina
OlenkaOMg GOLD, Mooresville, North Carolina
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I am surround by neighbors now, unlike four years ago when I only had one; now I have five, and they are just around my house. All the neighbors are okay, because my family really doesn’t associate with them. One family yells a lot, one is very lazy, and the other has too small of children to be around. However, there is one neighbor who really shouldn’t be around. One who we were suspicios of from the start, but ignored until a death. They are the Himmans.
The Himmans are made up of a dad, a mom and there to small kids, a daughter and a son. Both kids attend a prepatory school and the mom runs a pre school, but the dad does nothing. He stays in the house, which scares everyone the most.
He carries around a fanny pack all the time whether if he goes to the store or just for a walk, it is always on him. It was weird we all thought until there was a bam at the neighborhood party. We turn around to see Mr. Himman, a gun in his right hand, pointing at a freshly dead duck, with the gun still smoking. He put the gun in his fannypack and walked away. We knew from then on to stay away.
From then on he changed. Scars started to appear on his face, and Ferrairi’s Lambrogini’s and other fancy sports cars started showing up on his driveway, but he only had one at a time; they changed every month or so. Then, as a friend and I went on Facebook, we saw that he had a profile; he declared himself single, at the age of twenty-five and is a CEO of a big company and is a millionaire. I showed it to my mom and she then got very considered. As the news spread, people got really scared and rumors came around of him trying to seduce teen girls and myself along with everyone else had to be prepared for him.
He hasn’t done anything for a while, until my dog went missing. It was a week and we still haven’t found him. His collar was found in the yard and another week later he was found behind the woods, deceased. I cried for weeks and I found out a week before school started. It was over a year ago and we still haven’t found my dog’s killer. Vets say he was killed instantly by being smashed in the head with like a baseball bat. My dog whose name was Kipper was loved by all and we knew the only person who could do this to a loving animal, Mr. Himman.
He denies the acclaims and is more careful now about being anywhere. I never see him anymore put I always watch to make sure I am not next.

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