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The busy bee

November 14, 2009
By pianokeyzzz BRONZE, Bordentown, New Jersey
pianokeyzzz BRONZE, Bordentown, New Jersey
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“Why are you spreading these lies about me?” Sam said to me.
“What are you talking about? I been in the band room all day practicing.”
“You’re a god damn liar Gabby. You were a busy bee after lunch today, well at least that’s what I heard.”
“Maybe I said something maybe I didn’t but here a little piece of advice, don’t dish out what you can’t handle because I will come back to bite you.” Sam stood there stunned as a walked away. I though maybe this all could have been avoided but what done is done.
Earlier that day on everyones tongues was Homecoming buzz. Rumors were spreading down the Bordentown grapevine as fast as a busy bee. On Tuesday my boyfriend Kyle dumped me and I had to deal with all the after break-up questions, and not having a date. Sam Matriniz in her yellow and black V-neck shirt and black skirt came up to me during lunch.She tried to hide the little gossip bee she is by doing the whole pity talk so she could get the details.

“Gabby I’m so sorry you and Kyle broke up”

“It is none of your business,” I snapped back, “But yes we did.” And then the questions came flying and if it is bad enough that every table was gossiping about me and Kyle. So I left the lunch room and let them all talk about me. As a walked out bees started to fly around me. I later heard what went on in those crucial 20 minutes I was not there.

“Did you hear Kyle dumped Gabby?” Jason the star quarterbacked said.

“I heard it was because Gabby cheated on him with Drew Peterson.” Sam replied
Of course in any high school when the word “cheated” is mentioned everybody’s ears perk and their curiosity kicks in.

“Yeah I heard Kyle saw Gabby in Metro Park with Drew and he got so mad he texted her right there that they were through,” Sam said, “Owww a bee stung me.” She looked down to see the stinger in her hand and she started to try to get it out.

“That is a just a bunch of crap you made up. I don’t believe a single word of it,” Maryrose, my best friend snapped and then she came looking for me to come tell me what was said.
I witness the whole thing from up on the balcony window where I was writing my biology paper on insects. I saw Sam and her posse go to all the tables and as she did the whole “Did you hear…” and as I saw her go to more and more tables my phone final started to ring with texts. The one message that caught my attention was from Leyla Writz who is Drew Peterson girl friend. The text message read: Meet me in the courtyard NOW. I thought nothing of it and walked into the courtyard to see her and Drew yelling and screaming at each other. I noticed bees circling them.
“You cheated on me with the BAND GEEK? She is not even hot.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about you’re the only one I love” Drew said to Leyla. They both turned around and saw me.
“You, you’re the one who stole my Drewy-poo away from me? Sam told me that you and Drew hooked up in Metro Park and that’s why Kyle broke up with you.”
“What? Why would you believe Sam of all people? She is the person who told you that Drew was going to dump you but he didn’t. Why are you going to believe her?”
“Well she is my friend.”
“Want to know the truth? Kyle dumped me for my best friend. Yeah I said it,” my anger finally bubbled over with Sam and her lies, “What amazes me is that your friends with someone who tried to steal your boyfriend. I know the saying goes keep you enemies close but really? If you want to know where your dress for the dance went I would go ask Sam, she knows. Well that’s you problem not mine. And if you have no more questions I have rehearsal I have to get to.” As a walked out a bee stung me on my hand and I kept walking.

The author's comments:
I use the image of bee through out the story to symbolize rumors and how they can spread.

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