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July 28, 2009
By silentlove DIAMOND, Perrysburg, Ohio
silentlove DIAMOND, Perrysburg, Ohio
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We're sitting at the side of the pool on beach towels. Our hair dripping from the cold water, almost dry. It is 92 degrees and humid; perfect day for the pool. My best friend, Jess, looks over at me and tips her head to the right. I glance over and see two very hot guys walking over here. In sign language, I ask Jess if she thinks their coming over here. She tilts her head again as they reach the edge of our towels.

Jess and I have been best friends for about a year now. We spend every moment together, especially in the summer. We learned sign language a couple months ago just for fun, but now we use it in every day life. It's funny to see peoples expressions when we are signing to each other in public.

The guys stand above us. We can tell they haven't gone in the water yet, their suits aren't wet. "Hey!" the taller one says. "I'm Jacob, this is Troy." He nods his head over to his companion.

"I'm Steph and this is Jess." I say mostly to Jacob. I totally call dibs on him!

Jess looks over at me. She has never been really good with guys, I usually do most of the talking. Were working on that. I move my foot towards Jacob, our sign calling dibs on the guy we want. She nods and turns towards Troy. "Hey Troy." she says to him. He looks surprised that she is talking to him. "Hey?" he replies, still uncertain. "Why don't you guys sit?" I ask both of them, my eyes linger longer on Jacob. "The towels are plenty big!" Jess adds in. The boys sit on the edge of our towels, Jacob on mine, Troy on Jess's. Jess and I look at each other, quickly signing 'good job' with our hands. Perfect.

Jess starts the conversation and it just flows from there. After about ten minutes of talking to both of them, we start to separate. Jess moves closer to Troy and I scooch over to sit beside Jacob. "You go swimming yet?" I ask him.

"Naw. It looks really cold." he glances towards the water and then back to me.

"It's actually not that bad!" I tell him jumping up and shaking my still partially damp hair. "Come on!" I grab his hand and pull him up; well attempt to. He's about forty pounds heavier than me. He gets up and walks to the shallow end of the pool with me, holding my hand as we go. The water laps at our feet; it is really cold. I glance back over at our towels to check on Jess and Troy. They are sitting together, playing with each others fingers, still talking. 'Good girl Jess'. I think to myself. She's not looking over here so I can't sign it to her.

Jacob wades knee high into the water, pulling me along with him. The water is cold, but feels good, The humidity is still horrible, so is the heat. I sit down, letting the water cover my shoulders and the bottom of my hair. Jacob continues to walk towards the deep end and pulls me along too. I glance again over at Jess and our eyes meet. 'Everything good with you?' She signs to me. 'Yeah I'm happy. You look it too.' I reply quickly. 'Look at the sky' She signs; I glance up and see thunderstorm clouds to the east. 'Doesn't look like their coming now though. Just chill.' I sign back.

When I turn back to Jacob, he's staring at me. "Woah! What was that?" he asks, referring to our conversation in sign language. "Me and Jess learned sign language a while ago." I reply, laughing at the confused look on his face. "That's sweet!" he said. "What did you guys say?" "Well, Jess warned me about the storm clouds coming." I said and pointed to the sky. "Ahh. Doesn't look like their coming for a while though, we should be fine." He answers, glancing at the clouds. I dive into the deep end and he follows. Perfect.

About ten minutes later, the clouds had moved to over the pool. The water had become freezing, since the clouds block out the sweltering sun. Jacob and I jump out of the deep end and walk towards our towels; he takes my hand. Jess and Troy didn't end up swimming, they just talked at the towels. Jess looks up as I walk up behind her and kick her gently in the back. "Their closing the pool." I tell her. "Lets go over to the park across the street."

"Yeah, can you come?" Jess asks Troy. "The park is just right over there." she says as she points in the general direction of the park. Its about a half a mile away and if we left now, we could probably get there before the rain started. "Yeah, you commin' too dude?" Troy asks Jacob. I look at Jacob with pleading eyes; we're still holding hands. "Of course!" Jacob says. "Let's go before we get rained on!"

Jess grabs her towel and shoves it in her beach bag. I pick mine up and wrap it around me, Jacob and I are still dripping from the water. Jess puts her shorts on and I follow suit. "Do you guys have anything here?" Jess asks both of the guys. "We just got our shoes over there." Troy says, tilting his head towards the fence. Jacob and Troy run over to get their shoes as Jess and I start walking towards the exit.

"Oh my God! This is way to perfect!" Jess whispers excitedly to me.

"I know right! You are doing so well with Troy and Jacob is amazing too!" I answer just as excited.

"Did you see Jacob's face when we were signing to each other though? That was priceless!" Jess said.

"Oh my God I know! He was like WTF!" I say, laughing. "Their coming back now! Quiet!"

Just as I warn Jess, Jacob was right at my side with his shoes on and his hand in mine. I glance over at Jess and Troy as Troy slips his hand in her's. Jess blushes and looks at me. I wink. Perfect.

We leave the pool and start walking towards the park. About halfway there, it starts to rain, just a sprinkle at first, but then it starts to pour. "Come on! Run!" Jacob shouts to all of us. We run the rest of the way to the park and climb up to the little square of the play set that is covered with a canopy.

Jess and Troy stand in one corner of the canopied area and Jacob and I stand opposite them. There is just enough room for all of us to fit and have a little breathing room in between. This play set was built for eight year olds, not four sixteen year olds! Troy has his arms wrapped around Jess and was standing in one corner. Jacob followed suit. The rain was pounding down harder around us and we heard the first rolls of thunder in the distance. Jacob leaned his upper body back, taking me with him and tipped his head backwards. The rain washed over his face and ran down his chin onto my head. His arms were still wrapped around my stomach and our hands were intertwined. I closed my eyes and relaxed into his chest, his slow breathing comforting me. I open my eyes and see Jess and Troy, standing in the corner, Jess's eyes closed and Troy rubbing her arm slowly. Perfect.
When it was time to go, Jacob pulled me out of the canopy and helped me down the slippery stairs. It's still pouring rain so we are completely soaked in five seconds. Jess and Troy are still in the canopy. I can barley see them even though we are only five feet away on the ground. Jacob spins me towards him and puts his hands on ether side of my face. "When will I see you again?" he asks, staring straight into my eyes. "Whenever you want." I reply; he has my number. "Just text me." His hands drop down to my waist and pull me to his chest. My arms reach up and wrap around his neck, my hands tangling themselves together. His forehead rests against mine now. I tilt my chin up slightly and close my eyes. Our lips meet. Perfect.

Troy helps Jess down the stairs and brings her over next to us. Jess and I give our men hugs again and then turn to walk back to the pool where Jess's car is. The rain pours down worse now and the thunder rolls above. We turn our heads and strain our eyes so we can wave one more time. The boys are still standing there, watching us walk away. They raise their hands and wave to us as we turn around and sprint back to the pool parking lot.

As we run to Jess's car, my phone vibrates in my pocket. I stop to open it; Jess runs ahead to unlock her car. The rain pounds against every part of my body, soaking my clothes even further and blurring my vision. 'Thank you Steph. See you soon.' the text reads. I tilt my head up to the sky and see the sun shining down. The rain is still ferocious but the dark storm clouds have gone. A group of clouds get my attention, they are right over the park we just ran from. The white, fluffy lettering spells out one word: Perfect. I run to the car.

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How sweet, I enjoyed every minute of it.

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