Enfin Libre

January 25, 2018
By JakeGriggs SILVER, West Melbourne, Florida
JakeGriggs SILVER, West Melbourne, Florida
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IT happened again.. Another night of sleep wasted . Another night of sleep ended in a pool of sweat. This happens so frequently I sometimes wish that I would just drown in this puddle of sweat. I would tell you that my significant other is very frantic at this point but that would not be true to say. I  have an interesting life you see. My name is Thomas Nemo and I have a special gift that I was born with. I have never told any body about this gift. Except this one time a long time ago. There was this one girl when I was in school . I met her in the science class . The first thing she said to me was that if you compressed all the particles that made up the human race you could quite easily fit the particles into the size of a sugar cube. She always told me that was the weird one , even though she was. One day I worked up the nerve to tell her that we needed to speak. I needed to tell her about my problem so we talked.  See my problem or gift if you can even call it that is that ever since I was born I could hear everybody who was around me . I could hear their thoughts in their head. So I told her because she's the only one that I knew would understand but even she undoubtedly began to hate me. It was understandable since with me around privacy is just a mere concept that will never come into play . The worst stinging part about this was that she knew that she couldn't hide this fact from me. She knew in her heart that I already knew as well. This was at the conservatoire national des arts et metiers in Paris. This is where I met her . I came here to study music but after a year I decided to change what I studied to more science and physics. My decision came after I discovered a man that would change my life forever. This man is Stephen Hawking, the world renowned physicist. I first encountered StephenHawking in Bordeaux. I was just absolutely captivated by his theories and also his presence that he presented himself with.  He just really changed the environment of the whole room. As soon as he steps into that room it just went completely silent as if we all had lost our voices and we all got chills as if we were on the very brink of Antarctica. But I really got into space when I was on my way to class from my apartment in the Northern Quarter of Paris. I was in the Gare Montparnasse Metro Station when I see a poster on one of the walls near the cafe I was eating at on that Monday morning. The poster read The end is near. The reason behind this broad statement is the red moon. This red moon is a moon that is quickly and dangerously approaching earth and within a couple years will hit. This poster was looking for candidates for a mission to travel and find a new place of habitat for the human race . I was truly having a mixture of all emotions when I had an epiphany . I had finally found myself. All my life I had been floating through life without a purpose but now I had found my purpose.  But now I wasn't floating anymore. I was working toward swimming and not floating through life. So I decide to learn everything about space and become an Astronaut so I travel to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Headquarters in Houston . I trained so very hard for five years at the academy. It was hard work but it felt good because I was working for something and I was going to achieve it . I was soon traveling between Houston and Florida very frequently.I quite enjoyed Florida. I enjoyed it so that I soon moved to Florida for more training. Before I knew it the big moment was here. But just days before the day arrived I was scared all of a sudden. It was such an emotional experience and quite frankly it was crazy. But soon I grew out of this feeling . I realized that if I didn't do this  then i would disappoint myself  but more important the human race. So I went and as soon as I hit the atmosphere I had such a surreal feeling . All the noises in my head were gone. I could  hear my thoughts I was finally free. J'étais enfin libre.

The author's comments:

This was inspired by a short film I recently encountered in a airplane called the last journey of the enigmatic paul w.r

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