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Kosuke and the Camazotz

May 16, 2015
By Gemini01 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
Gemini01 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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One day, Kosuke was walking home from a successful hunt in the forest, with a large deer in tow. All was quite, but Kosuke realized it was, to quite. He soon felt as if he was being watched. This worried him since there had been rumors of a vicious predator roaming the area at night. Then he heard something. An ear-splitting screech that he knew could only belong to one creature. And that is why he ran, because he knew that screech came from a Camazotz, a gigantic bat demon that sucks the blood out of it's victims. He ran all the way to the village, where he sounded the alarm since every man shold know, that a Camazotz, never lets it's prey get away. He grabbed his macuahuitl that was lined with shark teeth awaited orders from the village elder. But, him and the other men of the village were suprised to see that the village elder was running away but they soon realized that it was because there were ten Camazotz's. Kosuke amde a split-second decision, and took control, telling some of the men to barracade the women and children in, while the others set up a perimeter. They had finished just in time, because the Camazotz finally grew tired of waiting and struck. For hours, they dive bombed the village, snatching men from thier posts, and then throwing the dead body at those who still have their lives. Kosuke had had enough and quit holding back. He climbed onto the roof of a hut and when a Camazotz came, he drew his weapon, and because of the weight of the blade and his rage, he cut the beast clean in half. This caused the other Camazotz's to pause, and then charge at him. He replied to this by jumping at the nearest on, grabbing it and then forced it to charge at the others. By doing this, two were knocked out of the sky, and were quickly killed by the men below. Kosuke dispatch another three with his blade in mid-air. The remaining five were so shocked to see a human do so much harm to them that they stopped and were then brought down by spears and bows. Kosuke then forced the one on which he rode on to the ground, but instead of killing it, he decided to let it go. The Camazotz then began to speak and in a deep and raspy voice, it said that it would serve Kosuke and help him protect the village as thanks for letting it live despite the terror it had caused. Because of this, Kosuke was able to build a marvelous empire and with the help of the Camazotz, built Chichen Itza, one of the largest Mayan cities to ever exist. 

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Hello, I was just feeling a bit bored so I decided to do something different for a change. Hope you enjoy.

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