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Running down

February 24, 2009
By Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
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She ran down the grassy hill with her white dress whipping behind her. She ran feeling the warm wind enfolding her into its mists. The sun shined on her glowing skin and her rippling dress moved with a quick elegant movement. Her blonde hair whipped around her back and her arms flowed with the breezy, calm flow of air. Then as she reached the end of the hill she jumped into his arms. They fell laughing in the tall grass. He had long brown wavy hair with handsome brown. She held him not letting him go. But then He picked her up with graceful effort and they started running hand in hand.

Marie sat peeling potatoes while listening to the morning bird's chime. In this relaxed state of moment she began to think of her dream. Who was the man? Did she know him? What was the meaning of this dream? Was this going to -
'Marie! Are you listening to me?' Rebecca interrupted,' I said get a bucket of water for dinner!'
Marie stood up, shaking out of her daze and walked out of the small cabin into the summer air. She walked over to the well holding up her long blue dress, and drew up some water. Elizabeth, Marie's 12 year old sister, came over to where Marie stood and asked,
'Could I get a drink?'
Marie handed over the bowl she used to get the water and Elizabeth gulped down the water.
'Momma's going to town, you should go along with,' she said,' she's going right now.'
Marie ran over to where a wagon stood with a horse tied up to it. She looked into the wagon and there her mother sat. Marie went to sit down with her mother and they took off to the town. They sat on the rattling wagon at least for 15 minutes when they reached town. It was a small town with a blacksmith, trading food place, bar, and a barber. Her mother got out of the wagon and said,
'Only 30 minutes okay? I am going to the store,' and with that she disappeared into the trading foods store.
Marie jumped out and walked up the street to where she found people working around. She moved over to the blacksmith work shop. There she looked around. 3 men were making new horse shoes and hammers were being made.
'Well well, look what we have here.' One man said and the 2 other men looked up. The first man out down his hammer and wiped off his hands on his trousers and shook my hand.
'What your name and what brings ya here?' he said.
'My names Marie and my mommas doing some trading,' she said shyly.
'Come look whom we got here James!' the man yelled and a man poked his head around the corner. It was the man! She stared at him. His dark long curly hair and brown eyes stared back at her. Marie felt light-headed and she collapsed letting the threating blackness take over her.

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