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May 19, 2013
By ChristianS BRONZE, Shippenville, Pennsylvania
ChristianS BRONZE, Shippenville, Pennsylvania
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"A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool." - Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Tuesday, a day just like any other, in a clear September morning. Clear skies and a bright sun make all of us feel happy and rejuvenated. I sip my coffee gently, its sweet and bitter at the same time and churns into a thick delectable balm against my drowsy head. I take a bite of my New York bagel and march out of the bakery with my head held high. My suit was all black and a gentle breeze made my tie flap back onto my chest.

My feet tap along the sidewalk and I pass the general crowd, just like any other day. I glance at a woman who appeared to have been crying but still trumped onward with her arms crossed. What had just happened to cause her to cry? I wondered. Had her boyfriend or husband yelled at her or broken up with her? Had she and her mother had a fight? I had half a mind to turn around and ask if she was alright but this was a big city and to do that is abnormal, perhaps creepy. It is a shame though that simple acts of kindness are a strange occurrence in this town. Yes we have our fair share of criminals and whack jobs but why isn't simple kindness a virtue in cities anymore. It is sad that you must constantly be on the lookout or you’ll be killed.

I shoved this thought from my head and continued forward as to not be late for work. Lord knows that Jerry, my boss, will have my arm in a vice if I miss another day. Last week I missed two days and he had a conniption fit, for god sakes I was at my wife’s first ultrasound and the guy won’t get off my butt.

Whoa! just stumbled on a crack in the sidewalk, for god’s sakes this city refuses to take care of itself. I can’t even remember how long ago the gate to the children’s playground at Central park has been broken and still they have sent no one out to take care of it. it is like pulling teeth just to get these people to do any of the local upkeep, and for god sakes it’s not like anyone’s going to volunteer.

I continue to march forward until i come to the buildings feet. i look up the tall steel structure and the way the sun gleams off the polished windows. this reflects into my eyes and I squint and look away and continue in. I do my daily hello’s to Kelly the flirty receptionist and rob the janitor. I hop onto an elevator where six other people are packed together. Two of them are women who are gossiping. This is one thing about women I cannot get. Women can’t seem to stop gossiping about each other and are absolutely appalled to learn that the secret they entrusted their friend is now two ways from tuesday, and everyone knows! For God sakes if you can’t be trusted with secrets you’d think you’d realize your friends can’t be either!

As the doors open I emerge from the elevator after a particularly long ride to the 96th floor. I sit down at my desk and look at an envelope laying on my desk and quickly glance over my name and the address: Robert Smith, 96th floor World Trade Center, New York, NY.
I down at my watch and see the time 8:45 am. Late Again! Just as I see Jerry marching toward me something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. i saw the wings first, then the planes nose before it was all gone.

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