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The Unseen Island

April 17, 2013
By Netnel GOLD, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Netnel GOLD, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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It was a bright sunny day in England. The year was 1843. There was a slight breeze at the height of noon. Seagulls were flying in from the sea with their wings spread out in a magnificent array of white in the sky. At the pier the Smith family, consisting of a mother, a father, and two twin boys, hand their luggage to the slaves as they get ready to set out for America. They were a famiyl of nobility and were given the privilege to go by the king and queen themselves. The father had made much money from teh new inventions that were created in the industrial revolution. He was the very first person to own a factory with a spinning jenny. Mr. Smith was ready to set out on an adventurous sail to America. He knew the dangers of the sea monsters that lurked below but his greed for money helped him overcome that fear.
Adino. The shorter of the two brothers, had been waiting for this trip for a month now. “I can’t wait to see those stupid native faces noticing how much better we are,” he said to his twin brother who was looking out at the sea deep in thought. “Why would father want us all to go? There were riches yet to be found in England yet we all have to go to America and destroy their villages just for our own greed. I really don’t want to ruin more people’s lives,” said Adina. Adino said, “Oh get over it you wuss. Do you truly believe that they even have the right to live? They have neither our level of technology nor our beautiful clothing and I heard that they keep on about some ridiculous gods that will save them. Adino began to reply when Mr. Smith interrupted him saying, “Get on the ship or else we won’t be able to go.” Adino then said as they boarded the ship, “Since he interrupted you and not me it means that I am right.” “Do be quiet along our journey or else I believe I will go crazy” said Adina.
As they set off for America there was a smile on the Smith family’s faces. They were proud to be the first people in their neighborhood to go to America. Nature also seemed to be happy; the tide was going their way, and the wind blew them along as well. The seagulls flew above like angels directing them in the right course. But the bright sunny day turned into a dark eerie night and the Smiths decided to head off to bed. Adina stayed. Adina hand not wanted to go to bed yet. He looked out into what used to be a clear blue sea and at the stars shining in the sky as if they were each precious stones lighting up the world. As he lay down to see them better he started to feel slightly tired. And as he began to drift away into his deep slumber he said, “I wish we didn’t have to wreck people’s lives in order to get what we want.” Then he fell into his deep slumber as clouds began to appear.
At the break of dawn Adina was awoken by shouting that was happening on the ship. “we can’t see where we are going,” he heard and recognized it was the slaves. By now Adina was fully awake. He then heard Adino shout, “why not you worthless pieces of garbage?!” “Can you not see that there is a lot of fog surrounding us? We can hardly see each other,” the slaves replied. “Dad, the slaves are being mean to me again!” Adino shouted in anger. Adina decided to see what was happening. He saw just as he heard. He couldn’t see anything. The fog was alike a thick layer of steam yet he was freezing cold. As he walked over to tell Adino not to shout, he suddenly flew forward from a stop in the boat even thought the slaves were still rowing.
The Smiths ordered the slaves that did not fall overboard from the crash to row backwards. As they had done as they were told, the boat started to rise from a gigantic tsunami. As they rose, the ship kept falling apart. Soon the ship was no more. Adino and Adina were holding onto a plank, afraid of the fate that awaited their family. Suddenly they realized that their parents were beside them no more. They searched their surroundings, but still there was no one to be found. They began to think that their parents were dead, but they quickly removed the image from their head because they had faith and they knew that the more these thoughts came to them the less they could focus on how they would survive.
After approximately a day of being out at sea on a wooden plank, the twins found themselves washed up on the shores of a mysterious island. Their clothes were torn, they were hungry, and they were in pain all over. It was not the kind of place they would go to on vacation. It was very humid. There were tall palm trees leading them into a dark misty jungle. Suddenly birds of different colors appeared int eh trees. As Adino and Adina stared at the birds’ beauty, the birds swooped down upon them and chsed them into the forest. As they began to run they noticed how strange the birds were that were chasing them. Adino said, “this is stupid; this is just a hallucination because we haven’t eaten or drunk anything for over a day.” You’re probably right,” replied Adina, “even though it pains me to say it.” So they stopped running and faced the birds. Almost immediately the birds caught up to them and began to tear their sleeves off and peck at them. They then realized that this was not a hallucination and continued to run. Adino and Adina were running deep into the forest when they noticed a village. Suddenly the birds flew away so the twins began to get scared for what would they do upon confrontation with these seemingly dangerous people. Adino attempted to run away but the birds yet again swooped down upon him and chased them both into a cage of bamboo. A cover of linen was tossed upon them and their cage was lifted. They began to move being carried away and out of the jungle. They noticed this from the brightness of the sun. then unaware of where they were and what was to be done with them, they stopped. They were dropped on the floor.
They heard a deep rough voice saying, “masters, what doth thou proclaim shall we do with these nasty wanderers?” “uncover the cage so that I may lay my eyes on their cowardly faces,” replied a voice that was more familiar but as the other’s was rough to them, “I want to see them cry.” As the strange people uncovered the cage, Adino and Adina realized who these “masters” were. They were their mother and father! Mrs. Smith immediately said, “let them go now! Those are our sons!” the people of the land gasped and let them go. They all ran to on Smith hug. The Smiths were reunited.

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