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Forbidden Love

December 17, 2009
By red_starlet BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
red_starlet BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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This was never supposed to happen, this love between Alfonso and I. For he was a German Nazi and I am a Jew in the year 1941. That’s correct, right in the middle of World War ll.

I guess I better start back at the beginning. You see it all started about four years ago, before the war had yet started. Alfonso and I had been the best of friends. Strangers even mistook us for lovers. It soon turned into something more, when he started throwing rocks at my window and serenade me to sleep. Oh, how I long for his lovely voice, instead of these wretched bombs! We then started going on dates to the marketplace or along the river. How wonderful those days were.

Out love soon got white hot, the passion blazing inside our souls. Now I am a strong sixteen-year-old girl bearing a child of eight months. He is Alfonso’s and mine. My friends and family have shunned me, forcing me to live with strangers who think I am irresponsible and ignorant.

Earlier this evening Alfonso seemed to find my new abode. After hearing the familiar clanking on the widow I got up and looked out the window.

“Myriam, are you awake?”

“Yes I am, Alfonso, but why are you here? You better hurry before the motel owner brings the gun out on you.”

“Aww, Myriam, lighten up! Christmas eve is just one day away, and I want to show you something. Now get something pretty on and lets scram, dollface.”

He had that stupid grin on his face, showing me that he was extremely exited about this new journey.

I sighed and grabbed my overcoat so that I would not freeze my hide off.
“My, my, thinking of themselves as the Big Cheese today aren’t we, Alfonso?”

He eyed me , smirked, and replied, “ Well, how can I not with such a fine dame like you with a great set of gams.”

The last comment caused my face to turn scarlet red. We started walking down the road with the snow creating a veil over our heads and covering our tracks so no one could find us.

“Baby’s looking mighty healthy these days, isn’t he?” Alfonso asked, breaking the silence engulfed by the steady snowfall. I looked up at him with a small smile and replied softly, “Yes, yes he is…”

“You come up with a name yet?”

I felt a little kick in my womb, the baby trying to reply. The truth is I haven’t come up with a name yet.

“Umm… I have been contemplating on Adam.” The baby started kicking with joy at his name.

“Well, I think Adam is a swell name for the little thing.” Alfonso said, with a teasing grin. I scowled at the last word.

“He is not a THING, he is a BABY!”
“Hey, relax, dame, I’m just pullin’ your leg!” cried Alfonso hands positioned in defense mode. Typical Nazi, always defending themselves over the smallest things. I was about to turn around and go home when Alfonso stopped dead in his tracks, grinning like a maniac. I turned my eyes to see what he was looking at and gasped. I front of me was the most beautiful scene I had ever seen. A huge lake glittered in the night under the pale full moon with stars dancing around it. Beside the lake there laid a simple, tattered blanket. There were candles scattered all over the place, giving the entire scene a subtle glow. My heart suddenly skipped a beat.
“Ain’t it keen, Myriam?” Alfonso whispered, bringing me back to reality.
“It sure is,” I sighed, surprised that I could even make out full words in this state of shock. He grabbed my hand and sat me down on the blanket. There sat a humble picnic basket, with a champagne bottle and two crystal glasses inside it.
Alfonso grabbed the bottle and a glass and said, “Would you desire some champagne, m’lady? Only the best for you.”
This made me giggle. “Why thank you, kind sir. Why the random, but absolutely romantic, gesture?”
“Can I help it? I carry a torch for you, Myriam. Always have and always will. Ever since we were kids I always thought that you were the cats meow. What with your leafy green eyes and hair red as fire, how could I not fall for you? I-I... I think... I think I love you.”
My eyes widened as he bent down on one knee and pulled a little velvet box out of his back pocket. He opened, looked me straight in the eyes with his lovely blue ones and said, “Myriam Grace Hammerson, will you marry me?” A squeal escaped my lips as I bent down to hug him.
“What’s going on here?” said a voice from behind. I turned around a saw a group of five or six men, all of whom were drunk.
Another one stepped forward and managed to slur, “ We was just walking out of the gin mill when we heard a scream. Came to go investigate. Guess we found the culprit.” The man grinned and leaned in so close that I could see his tobacco stained teeth and smell the strong alcohol radiating from his mouth. This caused me to wrinkle my nose and step back a few feet.
“And what would your name be, good sir?” Alfonso asked stepping forward so that he could be face to face with the gentlemen.
The man bowed and said, “The name be Clyde, Clyde Heinz.” He grinned his tobacco filled grin again.
“Well, Clyde, may I kindly ask you to scram so that me and my girlfriend can have a little privacy?”
Clyde snorted and said, “This little moll is your girlfriend? Heh, well I hate to inform you but she’s a jew and you, my friend, are a German Nazi!” He made sure to put a big emphasis on the word jew. Clyde then looked down at my rounded stomach and bellowed, “Hey guys! Not only is she a moll, but she’s also a sheba!” The whole drunk pack started laughing while Alfonso’s face turned a deep purple.
“Alfonso? Alfonso! Keep yourself together!”
“Shut up, you filthy broad! Let Alfonso fight his own battles.” Clyde yelled shoving me to the ground. That did it for Alfonso, he started throwing punches left and right like there was no tomorrow. Clyde seized his left wrist and pulled out a gun. He put it up to Alfonso’s right temple and pulled the trigger. Alfonso fell to the ground and went limp in a matter of seconds.
“ALFONSO!?!” I screeched and ran over to his blood soaked body, trying to revive him, staining my fingers and hands with his precious blood.
“He ain’t comin’ back, sweetcheeks!” Clyde howled as he pointed the gun at me. He then proceeded to pull the trigger. The bullet shot through my shoulder. I fell back, blood gushing out everywhere.
“Boss,” said a short, stump fellow, “we better leave the fall guy and the gal and scram before we get caught with the bump off!”
“All right, Stumpy, you guys go ahead, I have one more thing to do...” he looked over to where I was laying and spotted a row of candles, which I thought were lovely a few moments earlier. I now noticed that they would be my death. He kicked one over, causing a domino affect.
One by one, they lit the forest floor ablaze.Clyde walked away, laughing his drunken laugh. As I lie here my last tear rolls down my cheek while I lay my hand on my overstretched stomach and close my eyes whispering, “Don’t worry Alfonso, we’ll be up there with you soon. Merry Christmas...”

The author's comments:
I hope that people will feel slightly disturbed and moved by the issues of WW2 and its racial issues.

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olivia2323 said...
on Feb. 3 2010 at 4:32 pm
Really well written; I like how, while it was a 'love story,' it didn't end with a "happily ever after" moment.

on Jan. 31 2010 at 3:20 pm
lilmissravenclaw SILVER, Warrenton, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas. -Marie Curie

That was very good. Heartwrenching.