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phantom samurai

May 8, 2009
By christopher menton BRONZE, Ft. Cambel, Kentucky
christopher menton BRONZE, Ft. Cambel, Kentucky
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Matthew Hall ran after his friend, they were going to the beach to watch merchant ships sail on the horizon. Once they got there they climbed up a palm tree and waited. After a few minutes of waiting they saw ships coming, Matthew squinted his eyes; he saw huge red circles on the sails. Korean turtle boats were sailing towards the ships, they deployed smoke screens and cannons started firing. The small Korean boats were blown to bits, Matthew watched as Korean soldiers formed on the beaches. Matthew’s friend jumped out the tree, Matthew did the same.

The suspicious boats dropped anchor and samurai jumped out, each had a flag tied to their back, it had a circle with three triangles in it, this showed the regiment. The two armies charged at each other, the Korean War had begun. Matthew watched as his friend was struck down by an arrow. Matthew ran further and further towards the Japanese. He tripped, someone grabbed at his arm, he looked up, it was a samurai. His features were lazy, but his eyes were dark and glowering. He said something to Matthew in Japanese. The mans glowering eyes became sincere; he talked softer and led Matthew towards the boats. I have to do something. Matthew thought, but for some reason he felt safe. The man started yelling to soldiers; in response a group formed up held their swords at the waist and charged. A Korean charged screaming at Matthew, the man jumped in front of Matthew and took the blow from the Korean. A gash formed under his left eye. Enraged Matthew took the mans sword from its sheath and stabbed the Korean.

Matthew woke up, he had this dream every night, it was when he met Yuan Jian, the man who had saved him. Matthew learned Japanese from him and became a samurai, he was now a tiger samurai, an elite from the Genko Clhan, the large branch of families Yuan belonged to. Yuan was a commander, a friend, and a father to Matthew. Matthew was itching to get his hands on the phantom samurai who was spotted in a nearby village. Matthew volunteered to take his head. The phantom samurai wore black and grey and carried a No-Dachi sword. He was thought to be a ronin, a samurai of the waves, but was too classy for one. He strides around the country killing and looting, the thought of him infuriated Matthew. Matthew began the tiger samurai ritual, at the end he grabbed his Katana sword and thrust it through his belt.

Matthew walked into a bar and asked the bartender if he saw the samurai. He pointed outside. Matthew stepped out the open doorway and stood facing the phantom samurais back. “Why do you walk away?” Matthew said to him drawing his katana. In response the phantom samurai turned around. Matthew stood in the Genko defense stance, his hands holding his katana at the waist pointing towards his nemesis. The phantom samurai stood in an ancient stance with his No-Dachi behind his back in his right hand and standing strait. Matthew switched to the aura attack stance holding his katana raised above his head. The atmosphere was tense, Matthew was sweating and was trying to find an opening; he saw it and went for the kill. The samurai hit Matthew with the flat end of his blade; Matthew fell hard to the ground. Matthew was stunned, his katana was broken in half; the phantom samurai pointed his sword at Matthew. Just when it looked like he would strike an arrow flew and landed in between them. Yuan Jian stepped out in the open his features lazy his eyes once again vicious and staring right at the phantom samurai. Yuan gripped his katana, still in its sheath, and prepared for the worst. “Leave.” Yuan said coldly. “Like so many others you will fall to my blade.” The phantom samurai stated.

Yuan was a sight to see, around his right arm was and ancient arrow sleeve, he had a katana and wakazashi sword, strapped to his back was a Genko clhan flag; the color stated that he was a commander, he had his bow in his right hand and a pack of arrows strapped to his back.. He had a scar under his left eye were he was stricken when he first met Matthew. “I know your face.” Yuan said. “Rou Lakia.” He said. “Yuan Jian.” The Phantom samurai said. They grabbed each others wrists and shook them. “Your student is a Tiger Samurai?” Rou asked. “Yes.” Yuan replied. Confused and a little bit dazed, Matthew got up, shrugged then trotted behind the talking samurai.

When they got to their base most were shocked to see the phantom samurai walking in without his hands bonded. Foot soldiers ran towards him, Yuan stepped in front of him and drew his katana fast; the swift movement knocked a soldier down. All of the samurai burst out in laughter, the foot soldiers faces showed fear. “What is the meaning of this?!” said Ku Bu, the leader of the base. All the samurai silenced as Ku Bu walked towards Yuan. “Forgive me my lord.” Yuan said bowing slightly. “Who.” Ku Bu said looking at Rou. “Rou Lakia, the phantom samurai.” He stated.

Years had past since that day and now the once feared Phantom Samurai was now the Genko Clhan’s most powerful weapon. Ku Bu was now the leader of all the Genko Clhan he had set out with Yuan and Rou as his Generals, Matthew commanded all the tiger samurai. They were going to attack the Shogun and his imperial army, he was ruling unfairly. “Their forces are too strong.” Yuan said slamming his fist on the map the generals were gathered around. They all looked upon their soldiers forming up. “Today is good.” Ku Bu said taking a deep breath and looking to the sky. “Command the troops to attack.” He said.

Matthew and the tiger samurai would be the first wave to advance. The signal was given and he commanded his troops to attack, they charged, a couple troops were struck down by arrows, they reached the gates. “Follow me.” He said looking at each samurai, they nodded. “Will you follow me?” Matthew asked some soldiers, they nodded. “Yaaaah!” they all yelled in a charge and took the fortress. Ku Bu had taken the shogun’s head later that day.
He walked out side, awaiting him his army. “Victory!!” he shouted Holding the head raised above his head. The troops let out a loud whoop.

“In three more days.” Yuan said. “We kill Ku Bu.” Rou finished. Matthew nodded.

To be continued…

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