How I met G-Dragon

January 11, 2018
By hellopeople2402 BRONZE, Ashtabula, Ohio
hellopeople2402 BRONZE, Ashtabula, Ohio
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Hello my name is Halo, I am 28 years old and I moved from Ohio in America to South Korea. I moved to South Korea because I wanted to start new somewhere else so instead of being the old me I dyed my hair black and neon blue I got tattoos and piercings. I am in love with k-pop like big bang, got7, bts, monsta x and ect. Big Bang is my favorite out of all of them but I’m not a crazy fan girl like most girls, I however am able to keep my cool.
Halo’s p.o.v
I was currently at a little cafe in town getting drinks for me and my best friend Su-Ji which is who I met out here. Anyway I was at a cafe waiting for our drinks while on my phone then someone called my name. I walked up and grabbed the drinks and went to turn around and I ran into someone! I was so embarrassed!
“OhmygodImsosorry” I said quickly and the guy laughed
“It’s fine are you okay?” I looked up and saw that it was G-Dragon from Big Bang!
“Oh my god your G-Dragon holy crap I’m sooooooo sorry I didn’t even see you right there and yeah I’m okay what about you” he laughed
“I’m fine and are you a fan?”
“Yeah but I’m not a crazy fan I can keep my cool” I said as I helped him clean up
“That’s cool and sorry about creeping up on you like that I was trying to get a better look at your tattoos”I finished cleaning up and looked at him
“Oh these” I said as I held my arms out
“Yeah they looked awesome from where me and the guys were sitting” he turned around and pointed to the rest of big bang. I choked on air but still kept my cool.
“Oh so they saw what happened” I dragged on with my words
“Yeah” he laughed and I went to order the drinks again
“Here let me pay for those” he took his credit card out and paid before I could say something to protest against it.
“Thank you”
“Your welcome and can I get your number I would love to hang out with you sometime” I smiled
“Sure” he handed me his phone and I put my number in it and took a picture so he knows that it’s me then handed him his phone back.
“Here you go” he looked at the picture and smiled
“Thanks so I’ll text you later?”
“Fine by me” then I walked out of the cafe and into my car. I mentally screamed.
15 min later G-Dragon’s p.o.v
Me and the guys got back to the house and I went to clean my shirt cause of the coffee stains from earlier. I went to my room and changed my shirt and laid on my bed and got my phone out. I was going through my contacts and saw Halo, I didn’t know who this was till I looked at the picture. It was the girl from the cafe so I decided to text her.
GD- hey
Halo- who is this
GD- it’s me G-dragon from the cafe
Halo-holy crap I forgot that I gave you my number :D
GD- lol I was wondering if you want to go out on date tomorrow?
Halo- sounds like a plan I’m free tomorrow
GD- sweet so I’ll pick you up around 6:30 7 and dress nice
Halo- will do sir lol
GD-lol goodnight sweet dreams
Halo-goodnight don’t let the bedbugs bite lol
I smiled and picked a nice suit and tie for tomorrow then it got late and I went to bed.
The Next Day Halo’s p.o.v
I woke up around 12 and realized that I was going on a date with G-Dragon, I screamed and Su-Ji ran into my room with a baseball bat.
“Ahhhhhhh what happened!”
“Wait what how!?”
“Remember the story I told you yesterday”
“That’s how”
“Oh my god have fun” then she walked out and I smiled and quickly got up and picked my dress out.
Later that night G-Dragon’s p.o.v
It was already 6:35 and I was outside of Halo’s house, I got out the car and took the roses and knocked on the door. It took about 5 minutes the her friend opened the door.
“You must be here for Halo”
“Yeah yes I am” she looked me up and down and then called for her. Halo came from around the corner with her hair in curls, her makeup done and she was wearing a long black dress that fit her curves perfectly I couldn’t help but stare.
“Hey you made it” she said and smiled
“Of course I would make it”
“Great you ready”
“Yeah come on”
“I’ll see you later Su-Ji”
“Alright have fun don’t come back pregnant!” we started laughing and I opened the door for her.
“Thank you sir”
“Haha your welcome”
5 min later G-Dragon’s p.o.v
The car ride was quiet but peaceful so I decided to break the silence.
“You look beautiful”
“Thank you and you look handsome” she smiled
“Hey that can be our nicknames beautiful and handsome” she said then laughed
“Good idea beautiful”
“Why thank you handsome” we laughed
10 min later Halo’s p.o.v
We made it to a park and he helped me out the car and showed me a beautiful picnic with a table and chairs and candle lit it was amazing.
“Wow it’s beautiful”
“Glad you like it now come on sit down” I sat down and he sat across from me I smiled at him and he smiled back.
“Did you do all of this?”
“I wanted tonight to be special”
“Because when I first saw you at that cafe I was like damn she’s beautiful and your hair and tattoos and piercings made you look perfect I couldn’t help but stare at how beautiful you were thats why I walked up on you not so I could get a better look at your tattoos but a better look at you I just wanted to be close to you and now that I am I’m never gonna leave or let anyone hurt you cause I think I’m in love with you” tears were running down my face by the time he finished talking. He got up and on one knee next to me and wiped the tears away then he got up and leaned in, I knew what was about to happen so I closed the gap between us. The kiss was long and amazing then he pulled back and put his forehead against mine and we smiled.

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I love K-pop and Big bang was one of my favorites 

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