December 14, 2017
By kayceekimbrough BRONZE, Pomona, California
kayceekimbrough BRONZE, Pomona, California
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A girl and her family live in a town where they cannot go over the yellow gate because they will be killed. Creatures lurk on the other side of that gate that are dangerous.

Chapter 1: Creatures

(An original screenplay written by Kaycee K)  

In the heart of a forest with lodgepole pines, we see a blood orange sunrise shining through the tree branches.

I live in a town called Bettyville. This town is strange, our people are not allowed to go beyond the yellow fence. The reason being is there are creatures called the Hibagon that lives beyond the wall. If we trespassed they would kill us, when they come to our side we run, hide, and hope they wouldn't find us.
The Hibagons have spikes all over them, sharp claws, and big feet, but the worst of all is their teeth. Their teeth are as sharp as knives. The Hibagons came once when I was little I
was bitten by one, and I was lucky to survive. Their teeth are the most painful thing ever. They have some kind of venom that poisons you. This town is strange we are to make sure the color yellow is nowhere. That's the bad color, the color yellow lures the Hibagons into our town. That is why we are to never have that color. They only come at night never during daylight.
Tonight, they are coming. It's always this exact day second of November and it’s always every five years. I'm not sure why it's always November second every five years. This day is very tragic, because we usually have around twenty people who are taken or killed. If we get lucky, no one will die but that’s only happened once or twice. As soon as the sun sets, we must be in our homes. The sun has already set, and my father locks up the entire house, and covers the windows with wood.
“Elena, get your sister and brother, we are going to the bunker,” Father said.
“Yes, Father,” I replied.
“‘Mama, Papa. you think we'll be safe?” I asked.
“Of course we will, Elena,” my mother soothed.
We turned off every light and hid in the dark. My brother, who is only five, and my sister, who is two, began to cry. They were terrified, but we had to get them to stop crying so the Hibagons would not here us. Then we heard a loud BANG on the door. I couldn't help but think we were going to die. I tried every way to think positive, but I felt something was going to happen. Then, in that moment, we heard screaming, and crying. The people above us were getting murdered. I began to cry.
             “Mama, Papa, I love you with all my heart!” I said cheerfully.
My parents hugged us all and said in unison,
“We love you all too.”
We must've waited for eight hours in our bunker. We were finally able to come out.
Once we opened our door, there was corpses all over the floor. Around twenty-four people were dead. I dropped to the floor and started to scream and cry. I couldn't believe my eyes. We had to live with this terror and fear for the rest of our lives.

This town is strange.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because i wanted it to be a dark story about craetures in the woods and a family trying to survive it.

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