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How the Elements were Formed

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Most people think that Mother Earth had created: Fire, Earth, Wind, and water, but that’s only half the story. It all started with three blood drops that fell from the sky. As they fell three things were created: Furies, the Goddess Aphrodite and Retulus. Retulus was no ordainary man but neigther was Aphrodire. Aphrodite was the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Retulus had the power of the elements.

As Retulus got older his body changed. His body was chiseled and his face was as if a graceful tiger yet fearsome too. His powers enhanced stronger than ever. Hades the king of the underworld was told of Retulus and called Retulus before him to enter the underworld of Tartarus. He wanted Retulus to build him a garden for souls of the deceased. Retulus accepted the offer and traveled to Tartarus but ran into Cerberus the three-headed dog who could spit fire from all three heads. As Retulus walked to the gate of Tartarus, Cerberus jumped infront of him. Cerberus was the color of a Black Mamba with a bite to prove it. His eye’s were as red as a flame. His teeth were of a saber-tooth tiger, but nine times bigger all around it’s mouth. Retulus walked to Cerberus and said, “ Beast I wish you no harm, Hades asked me to come build a garden,” but the beast’s head cocked back and a flame of anger was released from it’s mouth. As the the flame reached five feet of Retulus, he reacted with fire from his right hand and the two flames touched and made a disk in the middle of the collision. As it continued Retulus felt his power fading because it was being sucked out of him, but all of a sudden he felt a surge of power go through him. Then in a split second he looked to the side and saw that the disk of fire was going towards Cerberus with a rapid pace and Retulus heard a shriek almost deafening to his ears. Cerberus’s face was almost melted off to a point of seeing the muscle’s of his jaws contrasting with his gum-line showing his vicious teeth. His eye socket was black as a hole in the ground. With Creberus’s skin flapping around his jaw, he roared at such a astonishing rate that Retulus had to cover his ears. The beast would not stop moving so Retulus intangaled him in vines of thorns. After it was all completed the beast was as still as a statue.

Retulus entered Tartarus and was amazed how dreadful it was. The roof of Tartarus was covered with jagged stalagmites and at the tip of every stalagmite was a ingraved skull. The skulls were dripping something. Retulus put his hand out and warm blood ran down his fingers as if it was a river. The warm blood made him feel sick. As he walked, he saw a giant pool like area at the bottom. He saw souls of the dammed swirling in the myst of everything. Then he approached a giant gate. As he approaced the gate, a wall of fire formed infront of him. He thought it was Cerberus, but it was Hades infront of him. Hades’s skin looked grey and his hands were burning a calm blue like the sky. His face was like a skeleton because his skin was so tight. Hades confronted Retulus and told him, “ Beyond this gate is a vast land of the undead and souls of the deceased.” After Hades said that, he vanished. Retulus entered through the gates and he saw two fields. The first field he covered in Aspodel’s. The flowers were very unique. They were tall, pinkish-white with leaves of leeks and roots of sweet potatoes. He called this garden Aspodel fields. The other field was as dry a river bed after year without rain. So Retulus had to water it. His right hand glowed a topaz blue and water was pouring out of his hand but he knew he had a limit. He put his hand in the air so it would be like rain falling from the sky. Then he made his hand glow green like an emerald. All of a sudden the ground erupted in a couple of seconds the whole field was covered in every kind of orchard known to man and god’s. He named this field Elysium. After he was done Hades appeared infront of and thanked him by giving him strength so he can with stand his gift.
After Retulus left Tartarus and the Underworld Ares the god of war challenged him to a fight, but after all that work Retulus denied the challenge. Ares understood why he denied, so he said, " Retulus you can challenge me any time." Retulus replied," May it be then, we shall fight when I am Fit for it" and he walked away.

When Retulus went to his village, he felt something was wrong. Theives and bandits were invading his village! Retulus had no clue where they were hidden. So he burned down the whole village. The village was engulfed in flames. As it burned, he heard cries of help. He tried to extingush the flames, but the flames were too great. The air smelled of burnt skin and decay. After the flames vanished, Retulus went to help, but it was to late. The village people were burnt black as charcole. Their skeleton's were either burnt or just bones. Out of all the houses that were burned down there was one house that was burnt but not demolished. He entered the house and gasped for air. There was one body in a chair. He wasnt burned; he was melted. The corpse's eye's were melted out his sockets leaving a trail of blood running down his face. Half of his bottom jaw was skinless because of the fire melted off of his face only leaving teeth to be shown. Retulus quickly ran out of the house.

Zues the god of all gods had seen the smoke frome the heavins. He was curious so he came down from the Heavens. Zeus did not fall, jump or float down. He road down his chariot of the gods down from Earth. The horses were white and designed with gold. They had a plate of gold over their heads making it look like their eye's were white. The chariot was also designed also of white and gold and had a root like design of gold and silver. The wheels were white and the spokes were gold . As Zeus landed Retulus begged for mercey but Zeus knew no mercy. Zeus said to Retulus," You have killed an entire village my gifted one. You have shamed the gods and yourself, now you will pay the price you deserve." Hera the goddess of the Heavens had appeared infront of him and she told him that," You shall be banished from the Overworld and spend the rest of eternity in Hell!" Retulus said,"As you wish." After that the sky had turned black as a panther in the night hunting for prey. Then all of a sudden lightning appeared infront of him but the next one was going straight at him. Retulus bent his back and put his arms facing behind him and in that instant the lighting bolt went threw his chest then his heart and out. Then all of his power was distpursted out of his body and flew into the ground. As his soul parted ways with his body Retulus saw Mother Earth and she told him,"your gift shall be useful as time comes and goes."

After Retulus died, the gods and goddess discontined to speak of Retulus. They had told the world that Mother Earth created Fire, Earth, Wind and Water.

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on Nov. 4 2015 at 11:30 am
kristiannrenee_ BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
2 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
"God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers".

I like this fictional story because it describes the elements as fire, wind, water, and earth but also “with three blood drops that fell from the sky”. It describes the elements in Greek Mythology, which makes it easier and fun for me to comprehend all the elements.

SommerJ BRONZE said...
on Nov. 4 2015 at 10:03 am
SommerJ BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
2 articles 0 photos 3 comments
I understand why you feel this way but I respectfully disagree. The article said “Most people think that Mother Earth had created: Fire, Earth, Wind, and water” most people do not think that. I think this because most of the people on Earth have some type of religion and believe in God.

2RileyA BRONZE said...
on Nov. 4 2015 at 9:58 am
2RileyA BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
3 articles 0 photos 2 comments
“it all started with three blood drops that fell from the sky. As they fell three things were created: Furies, the Goddess Aphrodite and Retulus. Retulus was no ordainary man but neigther was Aphrodire.” I love the way the piece uses a vivid description of three blood drops falling from the sky. Also the author also uses a metaphor when he says blood created Goddesses.

dotn_me BRONZE said...
on Mar. 13 2011 at 12:32 pm
dotn_me BRONZE, Camarillo, California
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This is interesting, I like it a lot :) keep up the good work