In the Eyes of a Prophet

December 13, 2017
By Anonymous

In the Eyes of a Prophet

“SON!” Teiresias yelled for his assistant. With no delay at all a young boy ran up the stairs to aide him. His name was Vasileios, son of a prestigious noble in the town . He was chosen by the consul to protect and serve the needs of Teiresias the prophet. Vasileios although presented with a great responsibility, did not reap any benefits and was being used by his family to gain power and political dominance. But not all was bitter for Vasileios, for Teiresias was very kind and charismatic.
Vasileios wants to become a warrior just like his father, but is constrained by the burden of Teiresias. Vasilios wants to escape the duty of taking care of the prophet that was clearly was fine by himself.
One day Vasileios asks if Teiresias was ever able so see with his eyes?
Teiresias Replies “Why yes child, why do you ask this all so suddenly?”
“I was wondering if you ever went to battle when you could see” replied Vasileios
“Battle never, but I was trained many kinds of martial arts” Teiresias Replied
“Could you teach me?”  Replied Vasileios
“Of Course”  said Teiresias
The next couple days went by in preparation for the teaching, meanwhile Vasileios was able to buy bamboo sticks for them to practice. Vasileios first teaching went very well there the was a lot of fluidity between the two even with de deficit of being blind Tiresias would use the sounds of Vasileios and his footstep to defend and attack. Vasileios was told every day that “Every time he falls he has to get up three times”. This process continued for 2 years progressively became harder and harder.  Just as vasileios was starting to challenge Teiresias he was eligible to join the forces. Prepared to join the forces Vasileios was  fourteen and nervous to show everyone what he learned.
    Vasileios managed to keep up with all the other recruits although superiorly trained by masters in battle. He was accepted into junior guard the gateway to the main force. Vasileios was forced to leave  his job as protector of Tiresias. Vasileios tried to visit tiresias as much as he could to improve, but could never fully defeat him.
Vasileios  asks “ How can you do all this without even seeing me?” 
“You have to discover you own path and I hope that  you too can realize that finding yourself is the most powerful weapon you can have.” Replies teiresias
“Thank you” Replies Vasilios

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