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Percy and Peeta

September 4, 2017
By Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Percy was reading Julius Ceaser when his childhood best friend, Peeta came up. " what are you up to?" Peeta asked. Percy looked up at Peeta. " Reading Julius Ceaser in Greek. Annabeth was nice to write it in Greek for me. I'm taking her to a ice cream shop as a thank you." Percy said.

Peeta said, "I think Katniss is scared." Percy was confused. "Katniss is one of the bravest girls on the cheerleading squad. She got Annie on the team. I don't think it's Annie. But I can do some dective work; but, I'm no Nancy." Percy said.

"No, Gale's here and he's scaring her." Peeta said. Percy's eyes were huge. Gale is the most meanest person in the school. Percy said," we need to tell Nancy, Thomas and Tris. Ned, Brenda and Toby need to know as well. " Peeta nodded, Toby was what Thomas called Tobias.

At lunch, everyone started to talk about what they should do about Gale. Katniss said,"Im glad that I have you guys as my friends." We decided that the girls will tell the princable while we boys talk to Gale.

I was scared of Gale. He's the most popular guy in the school. He'll fight tooth and nail to stay in the school. But, we had a lot of support from the other students and Gale was kicked out.

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