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The mocking jay's twin brother

August 26, 2017
By Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Katniss was hunting in the woods when she saw a familiar face. "Tommy?" She called out. She hadn't seen her twin brother since they were only four years old.

" Kitty?" Thomas asked. This was the only person that he could remember from his past. Katniss and Thomas soon running towards each other in happiness and relief.

Katniss started to cry as Thomas's arms were around her. Thomas was crying two. "I missed you!" Katniss said. "You were the only person that I held onto in my memories. Not a day would go by without you crossing my mind." Thomas said.

They went to the victors village and were greeted by Peeta and her two children, Rue and Brutus. Katniss said,"Peeta, Rue, Brutus, I would like you to meet my brother, Thomas."

Rue and Peeta imeaditly warmed up to Thomas. Brutus was a little shy to see his uncle. Rue was as giggly as she was spun around by Thomas.

" Faster!" Rue yelled. Katniss said," Rue, he will get tired of spinning you." "No, I'm not! " Thomas said.

Rue was put down on to the ground. A little boy tapped her on the shoulder." Oh, that's my son, Newt." Thomas said. Newt and Rue started to play together.

A woman came up with a little girl in her arms. "This is my wife, Brenda and our daughter, Belle." Thomas said.

Katniss and Brenda warmed up to each other.

The author's comments:

I think Katniss and Thomas are twins. So Thomas is the only family besides Peeta and her children she has left.

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