The Adventures of Maleficent

Once there lived a little girl in the mountains of Arobithia; her name was Maleficent. She lived in a small cottage with her three older sisters. Maleficent was only seven, yet she was already taller than her sisters. She had a kind heart; she would never hurt a soul, not even a fly. She always was sweet when she talked and always obeyed her superior. One day, her oldest sister Mary was going out to the market to get some bread for supper, when maleficent asked if she could go with.
“It’s too dangerous out there Maleficent, maybe when you’re older” Mary told her in a stern voice
“But you never let me go and I can take care of myself with my powers” Maleficent told her
“POWERS?” Lily asked
“Yeah watch” maleficent said as she waved her hand all around making things here and there float.
“Where did you get these powers?” Mary asked in horror
“I don’t know they sort of just showed up I guess” maleficent said
Mary gave her an evil eye as she walks out the door
“Why not you go play outside Maleficent while I start making lunch” Luna said
“Ok just call if you need me” Maleficent replied
And with that she ran out the door skipping and humming and went to play in the woods…..

....To be Continued

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