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No Hero

April 4, 2014
By Dujjo BRONZE, Glasgow, Kentucky
Dujjo BRONZE, Glasgow, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"Does giving really mean hospitality, Or does caring for people? I think the latter. "
I know it's a random quote but I love it all the same!!!

I ran around the farmyard with my bow and dry-fired into the air.
"I'll protect the cows sister!" I yelled happily. I knew they would come tonight, they always did.
"Ramoni!" Yelled sister leaning her head out the window. "Time for bed!"
I smiled and ran into the house "Sister!" I yelled as I ran upstairs "they are coming tonight"
She rolled her eyes "Oh yes" she said teasingly "the gohsts again?"
"Yes sister!" I exclaimed running into my bed and jumping in. "I'll protect them agian, just like I do every year!"
"Good job Ramoni" said sister walking out of the room.

I awoke in the dead of night and looked over to see sister lying in bed sound asleep
"Be right back" I whispered hopping out of my bed and running into the barn outside.
Suddenly golden lights appeared all over the field and I readied an arrow and aimed it out the window.
At first it was quite easy, but more and more started coming and I couldn't hold them back anymore! They were closing in on me an-
Suddenly the whole roof was blown of and I looked up to see a golden blinding light.
"No!" I yelled as one by one the cows were lifted into the air and dissapeared into the light. Suddenly I felt very light, almost weightless.
"What!" I yelled. I was being lifted, taken!!!

The author's comments:
This is a quick fanfic about Ramoni from the legend of zelda majoras mask. I just really wanted to write this because Ramoni is my favorite Zelda character! lol

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