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A Chaotic Love

March 31, 2013
By EMarie GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
EMarie GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
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The end of the night was nigh and Discord waited anxiously for the brilliant sunrise on a distant hill dotted with distorted flowers drowning in chocolate milk rain. His claws gently plucked the single brilliantly blooming plant and twirled it into the air, gazing at the softly bouncing petals as it was whisked into the lightening sky. His eyes flicked to the horizon and his heart filled with an overwhelming hope.
Today was his best friend Tia’s first attempt to raise the boiling sun. She was a lovely, brilliant filly who was acquitted with graciously flowing pink hair and a captivating pure white coat. If she passed today… Discord prayed with all of his heart that she would. It was her only dream, the only one that she was worried about anyhow. He wasn’t completely assured of her feelings for him. She seemed to care for him, but not nearly as much as he adored her. He admired her every quality and would gladly protect her to the death. In fact, it would be an honor to die for the future princess of Equestria. His daydreaming was brought to an abrupt halt as a lone trumpet played announcing the trial.
Discord watched with earnest eyes as Celestia rose proudly with the sun in her wake. A grin spread across his entire face as he filled with relief and amazement. A dazzling array of spectrum erupted from the small princess as an image appeared on her flank. Her body continued to power on into the thinner air until the sun was at its full height. She glided a few more miles until she saw the distant figure of Discord on his hill. She dashed to it with the rest of her energy and landed silently in front of him, her eyes shining and her smile taking most of the available area on her ecstatic face.
“I did it! I actually did it!” Tears of joy flew from her eyes as she rushed to his welcoming embrace. His arms wrapped around her and gave a squeeze.
“Was there any doubt you wouldn’t?” He returned her grin to her as they released their embrace. “You were magnificent out there!” Celestia’s face burned with delight.
“Discord… thank you.” She pecked his cheek and flew away into the morning. He watched as she went and lifted a silent claw to his cheek and let it rest there.

Celestia strode the castle garden silently, each step leaving a small thud echoing in the air. The mare looked into the sky and begged to see a sign that he was near. She hadn’t seen him since she had gotten her cutie mark. They had been writing to one another all those years and today… today was when they would meet again.

Worry gripped her heart as she anxiously paced back and forth. “You’ll wear a hole in the ground if you don’t stop.” There was a laugh and then the speaker emerged from his perch. “Hello, Tia.”

“Discord!” Celestia shouted gleefully and raced to where he stood. Before she reached him she stopped and regained her propriety. “It’s so good to see you again.” She gave him her sweetest smile and watched his face. He looked very much the same, just older. He was much taller and he had grown into his features. But, he was still the oddball he was before.

“My, my, what a gracious welcoming I have received, and from the Princess no less!” He gave a deep bow towards Celestia and accompanied it with a devilish grin. “It has been such a long time my dear.”

“Yes, too long. Why did you never come to visit me? I would have gladly accepted you.”

“I was… training.” He sighed and took a step closer. “And trying to discover exactly what I am. I know of no one else like me, so it has been a long and difficult quest. However, I am learning.”

“Would you like to demonst-“

“Demonstrate something? Oh goodness no. I fear I am not yet ready for a performance. Soon perhaps, but not today.”

“Why don’t you come inside?” Celestia gestured to the large ballroom entrance that resided a few meters away.

“That may not be the best idea… My powers could cause a lot of damage in there Tia.” He looked frightened at the prospect of wreaking havoc inside such a fragile place so she dropped the matter.

“I missed you a lot… 10 years without having you by my side… it was not easy.” She looked into his yellow and red eyes desperately. Did he remember their departure all those years ago? Did he believe it meant anything? Most importantly, did he believe she had feelings for him still?

“I am sorry, my Princess.” He walked up to Tia and cupped her head in his paw. She buried her face in the soft fur and felt Discord envelope her in a hug. “I missed you as well, if that helps.”

“It helps a bit.” She admitted shyly. They talked for an hour or so about their lives, Discord of his travels; and Celestia of becoming the Princess of Equestria. The day became the night as they chatted away happily.

“I should probably leave soon.” Discord looked into the white face of the moon and glanced at Tia. She too stared at the moon and he reveled in the beauty of the silvery light reflecting off of her velvet coat. She had never looked more beautiful to him in that moment. He stroked her cheek and paused when she turned her eyes on him.

“Please don’t leave.” She whispered it lightly as Discord leaned closer in. “Never leave. Please.” He kissed her deeply and passionately then. Their hearts raced in perfect unison, their harmony filled the silent air.

“I won’t leave until you ask then, my dear. I promise.” The days passed and Discord was given a room in the castle so he would not have to depart from the princess. They were in love; their cares were none and their happiness bountiful. Until the day of disaster arrived.

Discord had been struggling to keep his power under control during his visit, but soon it became a useless hope. His power surged through him and chaos reigned supreme.

The guards became young colts who bucked wildly; the ballroom transformed into an ocean; and flowers grew from the horn on Celestia’s head. She was unaware that he had lost control over his power… her heart was broken as she believed it was his purposeful doing.

After the palace was returned to some form of normality, Celestia hardened her heart with every step she took to confront Discord. He would have to be punished. There was no way of getting around it.

“DISCORD!” She shouted his name with all of her power. He appeared right away, apology and explanation ready to be delivered. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HOME? HOW DARE YOU!”

“Tia… let me expl-“

“DO NOT CALL ME TIA YOU FILTHY SCOUNDREL! WHAT EXPLANATION IS THERE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Her voice cracked and tears threatened to cascade down her cheeks. “I thought… I thought you loved me, Discord.” She slammed her hoof into the ground causing dirt to stir far into the air. “It would appear I was mistaken. You must be punished for your crime. I will not go easy on you. Your punishment will be fit for your actions. The damage you have caused will cost us dearly. You may have just put Canterlot at risk of a depression! How dare you threaten me AND my home AND my kingdom! HOW DARE YOU! AND TO THINK I ACTUALLY LOVED YOU?!? I DON’T UNDERSTAND! Why would you do such a terrible, chaotic thing?”

“Because I am chaos, TIA. I DID LOVE YOU AND I STILL DO. I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU. I WANTED TO BE WITH YOU FOREVER AND THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. But, you will not even hear me out. I didn’t do this on purpose. I never would. My powers are difficult to control. They go haywire sometimes, Tia. Please. Please forgive me.” Discord begged the beautiful mare before him as several guards approached.

“I may forgive you, but that does not mean you escape being punished. Your powers are too destructive to be near. It is for the safety of all of Equestria that you be contained. You are a monster, Discord. That’s all you are now. You are no more to me than a filthy creature. I am sorry to say that, but it must be said.” The guards nodded approvingly and trotted off.

“Discord I am so sorry. I love you. I have no choice though. I will free you one day and we can be together. I promise. I really do love you with all of my heart, Discord. You are no monster to me, no mere creature. You are my world now. I’ll keep an eye on you from the distance. Now it is my turn to ask for your forgiveness. I do not deserve it, but if you are gracious enough to do so, please forgive me.” Her tears hit the ground as she ran to Discord’s embrace.

“I forgive you, my dear. I understand. But, I do not know if I will be the same when I am released. I fear my power may corrupt me. However, I love you more than anything and I cannot wait until the day we are together again. Goodbye, my love.” He kissed her one last time before she froze him into a statue. Celestia collapsed at his stone feet and wept while she could.

Discord was indeed corrupted by his powers and after being released that was all he knew. He worked on destroying the world as everypony knew it. He was captured again and imprisoned once more for his actions. Determined to have her true love once more, she ordered her pupil’s friend Fluttershy to teach Discord the meaning of friendship. Surprisingly it worked out well and Discord was able to come home once more to the castle.

Discord led the eager princess to the palace garden where they had reunited 11 years before. He motioned at a pony named Octavia to begin playing music and a lovely tune began to float through the air lightly.

“I never get tired of this place.” Celestia smiled brightly at Discord.

“Sadly, this is only a little stop to where we are going.” He flew ahead to clear some branches and motioned for the princess to go first. She beat her elegant wings and passed through the opening graciously. From there she waited until she could follow Discord to their destination. After a few minutes of flying he landed on a small hill covered with pink clouds and chocolate rain. “My favorite!” He stuck out his tongue and the milk landed on it with little drips. He swallowed his catch and grinned.

“This is… I haven’t been here in 11 years…”

“Nor have I my dear.” He walked right in front of her and knelt down lightly. He then pulled a small box from out of nowhere and slowly opened it up. “Tia, you have made my life worth living, you have helped me become a better whatever I am, and without you I don’t know where I would be. I have loved you since we were young and foolish and I still love you today. Would you do me the absolute favor and honor of…” He fully revealed the inside of the box, which was barren and empty of rings. Celestia raised an eyebrow for a moment until a shiny object fell from a cloud above her and landed in the ring box upright. “Becoming my wife?”

“Yes. YES. YES!” Tears flowed down her face as Discord placed the ring around her horn. They kissed for a good while after that until deciding to return home. Celestia lay down to sleep and her fiancée lovingly nuzzled her forehead and tucked her in tightly. “I love you, Discord.”

“And I love you, Princess Celestia.” He grinned happily as he went to sleep in his own room.

The wedding was a magnificent event; everypony in Equestria was expected to come. “The couple looked exquisite during the ceremony and the reception was to die for!” Most of the newspapers in Equestria had this as a cover story. It was a huge event. Afterwards Discord and Celestia went on a long honeymoon traveling where Discord had searched for what he was. They did the normal honeymoon stuff, so it was no surprise when they returned that they announced that they were expecting.

No one knew what to expect of this child to come. Everypony knew it would be a very powerful being, but as to what the baby would look like was almost impossible to guess. But from that point on, Equestria was a kind and understanding kingdom that knew organized chaos could be a beneficial concept. As for Discord, he never learned the full extent of his powers. However, he learned to control it using one simple idea: friendship is magic.

The author's comments:
This is a Princess Celestia and Discord Fan fiction. I like the idea of them being together. I hope you enjoy it!

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