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Little Red Riding Hood

November 18, 2012
By MaddestLilMaid3n SILVER, Almere, Other
MaddestLilMaid3n SILVER, Almere, Other
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Courage is knowing what not to fear

The wind whispered ominously through the woods, rustling the leaves and branches of the centuries old oak trees. He felt the air slide over his face, bringing a melting pot of scents to his nostrils. His eyes slowly closed as he took in a breath. The smells unraveled; damp earth, poppies, bloodroot, bluebells, animal blood. They were all a part of the aroma that he had grown to be familiar with as well as his own heartbeat.

It was the closest semblance to family he could have. The winding river to the dark abysses that were the valleys, it was all his. It had been for all his life. Once upon a time, the surrounding villagers tried to mark this area as theirs. It was a terrible mistake they made and he ensured they were aware of it by giving them enough blood to create a second river. No one dared to enter his forest since, except the foolish traveler or drunken idiot every once in a while.

He sometimes wondered what they told their children, what stories and truths they shared to scare them into not sneaking into the forest. Perhaps they talked of a clan of cannibals or a fire breathing dragon. Perhaps some got it right and warned their children of a very big, very bad wolf.

An unfamiliar sound echoed in the land u

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