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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Cinderella was usually a very sweet, innocent girl. She always loved being so nice, perfect, and mannerly. But one day she hit a mean streak that seemed as if it would never end. She was cleaning her kitchen when one of her nice step sisters came into the room. She wanted to help Cinderella make lunch for the 12 guest they would be serving, and that’s when Cinderella’s mean streaks start.

Cinderella went off the deep end. She yelled, scratched, fussed and fought, then she begin to yell “I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN, I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!” by the time Cinderella got done with here step sister, Anastasia, she was crying her eyes out. Anastasia figured that Cinderella had been under some pressure, and had took it out on her, and that she would apologize, but she was wrong. Instead she called Anastasia a whiney baby, and told her to stop crying.

Cinderella next victim was her other nice step sister, Drusilla. Drusilla heard some yelling coming from the kitchen, she went to check on Cinderella and Anastasia to make sure everything was alright. When she got to the kitchen what she saw startled her. Anastasia was in the corner with her face red and eyes bloodshot. Anastasia was begging for Cinderella to stop yelling. Drusilla asked Cinderella what she was doing, but she did not give an answer. Instead what she got was Cinderella yelling at her to “mind her own business”. Cinderella got so mad that her mother had to ask them to stop 10 times, then had to pull Cinderella off of them and locked her in her room.

Somehow Cinderella got out of her room and started a food fight at lunch with the 12 guest that were over for lunch. Her mother, Cassandra, was usually a very, calm person. But she got so mad at Cinderella she grounded her until she deiced that she was un-grounded.

When her grounding was over, she and her mother fought constantly. Although she and her mother fought constantly, her sisters no longer talked to Cinderella. They were afraid that she would hurt them. One day Cinderella got so mad at her mother she ran away. She took her horse and settled down in another place. She Decided to live there the rest of her life. She thought it was just as good or better than her home town. Then her mother heard of where she was and had to drag her home.

Although it seems as if Cinderella would have learned her lesson, she didn’t. Again and again she fought with her mother until her mother could no longer take it. She wouldn’t do anything her mother asked her too. She wouldn’t clean her room, wash the dishes, do her chores, or even ride her horse to the local shop to get some flour. Her mom decided to send her to her uncle’s house. Cinderella’s uncle was a very strict man, he never took no for an answer. Cinderella’s mom knew that was just what she needed.

When Cinderella got back from her uncle’s house 5 week’s later, it was as if she was a different child. To Cinderella’s surprise she wasn’t the only on to change. Her mother and step sisters had turned very mean because of Cinderella torturing them. Instead of Cinderella torturing them, they were torturing her.

Cinderella was forever known as the mistreated girl, but that’s a whole other story.

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