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February 4, 2012
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Alice was the youngest of four children, Thomas, her eldest brother, Dominick, the second eldest, and Klaus the third born that was the closest to Alice.

Alice soon grew from a baby sister to a younger sister, to a responsible teenager. You heard me, responsible teenager. She was perfect in every way, so perfect the princes’ were fighting over her. Alice couldn’t walk the streets alone she was always accompanied by a boy her age whether it was one of her brother’s or her adoring fans. Women and girls her age loathed her for mesmerizing all of the men and boys that she took hold of by her crystal blue eyes and straight perfect blond hair always with a ribbon pushing back the hair from her face.

Alice was a perfect daughter. The day she became a teenager was the day she was eligible to be married. She dreamt of having a church wedding instead of a fairytale wedding unlike most of the princes that proposed to her in advance. She politely said:

“No I wish to find my true love later in life, when I turn of what I prefer of age,”
The prince’s would almost always reply:

“But I have money, gold, riches to spoil you! You are the hint of perfection you shall be treated no less!”
Alice always knew what to reply with:

“No gold, nor money, nor riches are worth love, sir, I reject your offer with the kindest heart, I wish for you to find love and not just to propose to any silly girl like myself because of how beautiful they are, I wish you good-luck on your journey, but I am dreadfully sorry I am not the one for you,”

Alice would walk gracefully away up the stairs of her parents’ cottage and into her nursery. She would sit and wait for the carriage to leave and the world to become dark and lit only by stars till she slipped out into the night to Wonderland.

Now Wonderland wasn’t this silly place, well even though it was. Alice knew there was no love for her in her own world so she traveled to her own through the forest and down a rather large rabbit hole. The Queen of Heart’s was her dear friend, along with her daughter, the Princess of Broken Hearts.

Now the Princess of Broken Hearts was as beautiful as Alice, she had black hair the kissed the floor and dark brown eyes that threatened anyone that dared to stare into them. The Princess of Broken Hearts was always seen in a black dress that slimmed down her body and down to her pale white legs where you would find ballerina flat shoes covering her feet.

“Hello Katrina,” Alice smiled walking up to the Princess of Broken Hearts that rather be called her birth name instead of what she was crowned to be.

“Hello Alice, my mother has not found your true love yet,”

“That is to bad, has she found yours?”

“No, my true love may take years, maybe even centuries, but I have time, you do not,”

“I wish I had as much time as you do Katrina,”

“I live until my daughter or son is born, my mother and father are still waiting on my little brother or sister to gift us with his or her presents,”

“He or she will come,”

“So will time,” Katrina sighed adjusting the black crown that came down her black hair almost like a veil with black veil fabric that was almost transparent except for the very detailed heart and broken heart designs.

“Katrina, the reason I ask, is that there is a new boy that just moved to the village,”

“Alice, are you thinking of something my mother doesn’t know about?”

“Maybe so, but something clicked inside my mind, something, marvelous, something strange, a feeling that has never occurred,”

“My mother hasn’t seen anything, she was almost positive you would fall in love with a prince, like Charming,”

“I knew that could never be, Katrina, I do not wish for a stuck up lunatic to be married to, some of the princes around her just are to utterly stupid for their own good,” Katrina laughed her perfect laugh at Alice’s claim. But Alice was one hundred percent true; most of the princes that had proposed to Alice only had the money and not the education.

“I must marry a prince Alice, it is in my blood, just the right prince has to come along, but I am not obsessed with love, you should have fun with life, I know that Mad Hatter and the March Hare are looking for you,”

“Can you go with me?”

“I will meet you by the exit or the entrance where the rabbit hole is before you are due back home, I have princess things to attend to,” Katrina rolled her eyes and walked in through the cracked heart shaped doors.

Alice considered that Katrina was right, Katrina always like to think about things more fun. Alice always thought about finding a prince, or in this case a true love, which had been her concern, which she was little, for she was so beautiful. Alice walked out of the old dark doors and out of the broken heart shaped gates.

The sun shown brightly as Alice walked, seeming to keep a spotlight on her, the sun soon faded away as she walked into the dark forest that she knew so well from her first visit. Alice looked around for the Cheshire Cat, the she still hadn’t befriended but found to be great company as she went to join the Mad Hatter and the March Hair for a tea party.

“Hello Cheshire Cat,” Alice smiled walking through the path more gracefully than usual, she didn’t see the Cheshire Cat, she just knew he was there, somewhere among the trees.

“Hello Alice,” The crazy hiss of the cat sounded from a bulk oak tree that the Cheshire Cat always was found on before turning to take the path to the tea party.

“How are you?”

“What kind of question is that? Hmm…how am I…How can I tell you how I am, that would take hours,”

“It was just a question Cheshire,”

“You must take me for a stupid cat, but you are mistaking, that is my brother,”

“I am not mistaking you Cheshire, I just wish to know you’re being if you will,”


“You are in a very sour mood today,”

“And you are not? Define sour mood,”

“Good-bye I suppose, I must be getting off to the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, unlike you we have become very good friends,”

“Keep chasing your true love Alice, you may never get to see him again,”

“Excuse me?”

“The one that lays in your heart may be trapped from your knowledge and everything else that is occurring in your messed up world,”

“My worlds messed up,” Alice muttered sarcastically as she walked down the path leaving the Cheshire Cat behind.

“Think Alice, you’re trapping him yourself!” Alice shook her head, not willing to give a second thought to what the cat had to say; she always did think cats were crazy.

Alice walked along the path quickly as it got darker. The birds with hammers for beaks jumped out from the bushes to flee in fright, even though Alice was always more frightened of them then they were of her. She started to run through the path that twisted and turned, she got to the tea party before the clock struck midnight, noon in their world.

“Hello Mad Hatter, hell March Hare,” Alice panted walking gracefully to the long stretched out table.

“Hello Alice, great to see you, I see you had to walk from the Princess’s castle,” The Mad Hatter smiled walking over with a teapot, his white hair sprung out from his head, it was patented down with a green hat that was placed crooked on his head.

“You wished to talk to me?”

“News has been spread around, you have been proposed to once more,”

“That was a couple weeks of go Mr. Hatter,” Alice smiled taking a sip of the tea that tasted delightful, it warmed her taste buds and made the world sane, but kept her on her toes at the same time.

“Hum…the Queen of Heart’s hasn’t told you yet, I know Katrina was the first one to know,”


“You are getting married no?” The Hatter smiled, then a surge of energy ran through his body, he started hopping around the table, and jumping, if there were walls he would be bouncing off of them. He was laughing so much he was almost crying.

“Mr. Hatter, please be serious, Katrina would never lie,”

“Hum,” The Hatter stopped in midair, crossing his legs and taking another sip of tea. “There must have been something wrong, what would have gone wrong, hum, I wonder,”

“Maybe she just isn’t opening her heart,” The March Hare jumped in holding the mouse by his tale; who always seemed oddly tipsy. “I found him Mad, he was trying to escape again,”

“Tipsy old fool,” The Mad Hatter shook his head. “Alice, I fear that you will have to go through the tunnel of Broken Hearts,”

“What is that?” Alice asked, she always wondered what this secret world had to offer.

“The love you seek must be broken, or you must be broken, find that heart at the end of the tunnel and by your morning your prince Charming will come and sweep you off your feet,” The Mad Hatter said in a demented, tipsy, possessed voice.

“Thank you, where would this be?”

“Ask the Cheshire Cat, he may know,” The March Hare smiled showing his sharp buckteeth.

“Thank you, I guess,” Alice mumbled putting down her tea, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare had lost it for the day, and this was not a good loose it, because when they loose it, they don’t find it until three of their days pass, and that is a very long time according to them.

Alice pushed out the chair and walked back out the way she came. She turned abruptly before she left their sight.

“Good-bye Mr. Hatter and Mr. Hare,” Alice turned back to the path to go find the Cheshire Cat, and she had an idea of where he was.

“What a nice day Cheshire Cat, I wish you were hear to talk to,” Alice sighed, leaning up against the big tree the Cheshire Cat was found most on like the last time. The laugh annoying cackle came from the tree, the cat soon became visible, his yellow eyes came first with the hint of blue hinting that he once was normal, his pink and purple body was brighter then ever, he crossed his arms like he knew what Alice was going to ask him. “Where is the Tunnel of Broken Hearts?”

“Why would I tell you?”

“Because, I wish to be happy,”

“Don’t you wish for me to be happy, and for us to never cross paths again?”

“I know you enjoy talking to me Mr. Cat, but for now can you just answer the question?”

“Answer my question first, girl,”

“My name is Alice, and I wish for you to be happy as well, now will you tell me,”

“Where is the Castle of Broken Hearts, Alice?” The cat groaned like the answer was so obvious.

“If that was the case wouldn’t Katrina tell me?”

“Katrina is mysterious Alice, she keeps more secrets from you than you think, I don’t even think she likes you much, has she told you who her true love is?”


“She knows, you should ask her, when you feel my presents,” Alice looked over at the path to the Castle of Broken Hearts.

“You won’t be able to make her tell the truth Cheshire,”

“How do you know?”

“I just know, she is not very fond of you,”

“Is that why she hasn’t told you?”

“Everything is a question with you, why can’t you just tell me that answers or talk to me like a normal person?”

“I am not a person, now am I, Alice?”

“I’m done talking to you, thank you for the one question you managed to answer,”

“Don’t walk away from the past, when you walk away from the past you walk away from the near future!” The Cheshire Cat yelled as Alice walked into the dimly lit path to the Castle of Broken Hearts.

Alice couldn’t help but look up at the sky. It was almost three o clock, she would have to be home to get sleep, to wake up in the morning, to live her life as the perfect child, with a perfect future, and a perfect past, or a seemingly perfect past.

Alice started to run, faster and faster, trying to raise the sun. The more time she figured the better she would be. Alice ran through the doors, a soul sat in the room, cuffs around his wrists, and his eyes pale and lifeless, he was almost transparent as he kneeled in front of Katrina.

“Alice what are you doing here?” Katrina acted surprised, she wasn’t expecting Alice, and Alice knew that.

“I want to go through the tunnel of Broken Hearts, but first, you aren’t telling me something! Something important, something I need to know! What is it?”

“I won’t tell you, for I am the Princess of Broken Hearts, broken hearts are what I cause, does that mean anything to you Alice, I knew that I had to break your heart because yours it the easiest to break, you are my friend, I know your weaknesses,”

“So we were never friends, just a puppet that you wanted to try out your powers on, I understand,” Alice said coldly. “Let him go,” Alice ordered.

“What do you think I am, I fool, why would I release your true love, this is what makes me, me, I kill the souls, or the minds rather, so they marry someone they hate, it saves me time, and gives my mother a headache.

“Let him go,” Alice hissed even colder than before. “Fine take me instead,”

“Why you will just be unhappy,”

“I will be unhappy either way,”

“So will he,”

“So will you, but that’s beside the point,”

“You don’t know who my true love is, I don’t even know,”

“Do you? There was a time I used to trust you Katrina, I wish I could now,”

“I don’t know the meaning of love, I know the meaning of hate, and I think hate is more fair than love,”

“But love is more rare than hate,” Alice pointed out walking over to the boy that looked about her age. She knew this boy, she had always liked him, always paid attention to him, just never had the thought of going up to him and telling him how she felt. Alice thought the feeling would fade, but that didn’t happen.

“Hate is popular, love is rare, than what are you, desperate?”

“I think that’s what you are. I think everyone has the right to be happy, even you, but you just have to take your mother’s place instead of your father’s,”

“I have too, I don’t have a choice. I don’t my little brother or a little sister to be burdened with this crown, and these powers,”

“If I go through the tunnel and come out by the time I am due back home, will you let Damon go?”

“Fine, good luck with that though,”

“Alright, show me where the tunnel is and I’ll be back before sundown,”

“Deal,” Alice ran up and shook hands with Katrina, a hole opened in the floor that lead through the dimly lit, eerie looking hole. Alice didn’t look back as she walked into the hole and down into the tunnel.

Bits and pieces of glass were stuck to the walls. Alice took one, it had a face of one of her older brothers. Alice took it and put it in her pocket. If she ever got out of the tunnel, Thomas would be grateful.

Alice continued to walk through the tunnel, looking up at all of the glass pieces that were embedded into the wall. Alice started to run through the twists and turns leading to a large room at last.

The room was covered with the souls that Katrina and her father, and her father’s father, and so on had claimed. Alice walked to the middle of the room past all of the lifeless souls that all stood, as cold as stone, and lifeless as a rock.

In the middle of the room was a crystal ball. The ball looked ancient, it showed Alice, sleeping in her bed in the her own world. Her mom was walking up the stairs, it was almost morning. Then the ball changed picturing as Alice touched the ball, it was Damon fading farther away from Alice every second.

Alice kicked the crystal ball onto the ground making the ball shatter. The figures started to shake, they were no longer statues but warriors, the crowded around Alice.

“I’m not Katrina,” Alice screamed.

“Katrina,” The souls moaned. Alice ran down the stairs looking for an opening. She picked up a small bit of the crystal ball and shown it in the middle of the room. The souls stopped. Alice didn’t know what just happened, all she knew was the souls had stopped and she had time to run to the main part of the castle.

Alice ran until she lost her breath, but she had to make it. The light at the end of the tunnel was closing, she was going to be trapped and killed probably by the souls. Alice never pictured that as a perfect way to die. At the last second Alice ran through the opening before it shut. The soul of Damon disappeared and Katrina sat lying on the floor gasping for breath.

“You…you killed the crystal ball,” She gasped.

“Yes, I don’t want you to take anymore true loves,”

“You will pay for this Alice, I never want to see you again,”

“Hey your wish is my command, doesn’t mean that I won’t come here anymore, you will always be in my dreams though, good-bye Katrina,” Alice smirked and walked out of the castle.

“I knew you could do it,” The Cheshire Cat smile.

“Why are you so happy?”

“Did it ever occur to you that I was Damon?”


“There are figures here that represent the people in your world, you will never see me again, Alice, but you will see me for eternity in your world,”

“I don’t understand,”

“You will, Damon will know,”


“He visits here often as well,”

“I never see him,”

“He has different problems here,”

“And you don’t,”

“I know I don’t, I know you, the beautiful, white cat that gave him the worst luck in the other part of the world is telling him the same thing right now,”

“I hope you have a nice life with her, but you didn’t answer my last question, who is Katrina’s love?”

“The Prince Charming she killed, now she is doomed to walk the earth with the Prince of Broken Tears, who has killed his mate as well, this is a sad world Alice, you are lucky you only are here when you sleep, it is very dismal when you are gone,”

“I’m glad you like me here,”

“I must be going,”

“I’ll see you soon Mr. Cat,”

“See you soon Alice,” The Cheshire cat disappeared and so did Alice.

“Good morning Alice,” Alice opened her eyes. She was back in her room, her mom was sitting on her bedside with her morning water.

“Good morning mother, how are you?”

“Pretty well, how was your sleep,”

“Eventful,” Alice smiled. Her mother laughed, even though she had no idea her little daughter’s imagination.

“Wonderful, well, there is one more proposal waiting for you,”


“Damon Rodgers,”

“Let him in please, after I get dressed that is,” I smiled.

“I’ve seen the way you look at him on the streets Alice, what will be your answer,”

“What every prince has been dreaming to hear from my mouth,”

“Oh, I’m glad you picked brains over gold,” Alice’s mother cooed as she left the room. Alice got out of bed and put on the dress she wore the first time in Wonderland. The glass from the tunnel was still in her pocket, showing that her fairytale world was real, and always has been real, since she was a little kid.

“Good morning Damon,” Alice smiled, she stepped gracefully down the stairs seeing the boy she had known since she was a child standing and waiting for her. He had dirty blond hair, dazzling blue eyes, with a yellow hint to them.

“Would you like to take a walk with me Alice, maybe to the woods?”

“Yes, I would love too,” Alice smirked. “Good-bye mother, I will be back before nightfall,” Alice smiled taking Damon’s hand.
The End for now…

The author's comments:
This was inspired by Alice and Wonderland. The characters you find in this story are all inspired by the book, and the movies.

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