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Harry potter a second chance

July 3, 2011
By Robkingett PLATINUM, Tallahassee, Florida
Robkingett PLATINUM, Tallahassee, Florida
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Harry sat reading the journal.
'Hah' mused Harry, 'this isn't a journal - it's more like an Encyclopedia of All Things Magical That I have learned'.
The book he was reading had been presented to him by Professor McGonagall just before Harry left Hogwarts, saying that Dumbledore had left explicit instructions regarding its delivery to Harry and a stern warning that no one, not even Hermione, would be able to read them and that Harry should really think deeply before sharing any information from the book with anybody.
Hermione had been upset when Harry had explained this, but Harry had placated her by saying that once he had begun to make some progress through the book, he would discuss aspects with her. After a few pages, however, Harry realized that he would need Hermione's help to even understand some of the basic things described and thus decided to allow her to read it. Unfortunately, and much to Hermione's consternation, when she opened the book she was unable to see any of the words written on the pages. Thus, it required Harry to read and explain things to her from the book – an activity that resulted in Harry and Hermione (and sometimes Ron) having quite spirited debates about magic, spells and magical theory.
Harry secretly thought that Dumbledore had deliberately done this so that Harry would have to “understand” what was being discussed in the book and not totally rely on Hermione's interpretations. It was just the sort of thing he would do.
Not that he wasn't thankful really. Indeed, Harry's understanding of magic had improved greatly through his reading and discussions with Hermione, even in the single week he had been at #4. With that understanding, however, came the realization that some, if not most, of the information within the “journals” should never be available for public consumption. Too many things could be used to create some truly nasty spells, hexes and curses.
Harry was currently by himself. Ron and Hermione were on one of their “walks”. After arriving at #4 they had had a quiet evening reading and winding down – well, as much as could be done with the Dursleys around. The next morning the trio had spent getting acquainted with the area, after which Harry had sat down in his room to begin reading Dumbledore's journal. After a few minutes, and with little else to do and seemingly a bit distracted, Ron and Hermione had asked if Harry minded them going for a walk – to which Harry had readily agreed.
They had returned flushed and happy.
Harry secretly thought that some of the tension from the previous year had finally been “released” between the two. He knew that they weren't getting up to too much, as he had learnt from Ginny that sex outside of marriage was not as acceptable as it was in the muggle world and, particularly, pure-blood traditionalists tended to place “wards” on their children to stop things going too far. This seemed to be one pure-blood tradition that the Weasley family seemed to have embraced.
That's not to say that there weren't those who seemed to ignore these traditions, and there really seemed to be some contrasting opinions between some of the people Harry knew, since some seem to have more “experience” than what would be defined as “acceptable”. In the case of Hermione and Ron though, Harry knew that Hermione was deliberately taking things very slowly and so Harry didn't have to worry about “visions” of his friends filling his mind at this time.
For Hermione and Ron, it would seem that they had become somewhat more intimate, probably having a good schnog in the park or something. Over the last week, the two had gone for “walks” every day and returned with the same flushed and happy expressions plastered all over their faces. Harry was glad that the two had found some happiness – though he was extremely glad that neither Ron nor Hermione felt it necessary to explain their appearance.
'There'll be time enough forteasing them when we get out of here and I can get some back-up from the twins and Ginny' thought Harry. And, as per usual, any time thoughts of Ginny arose, Harry felt his mind squirm around trying to rationalize his thoughts of her.
An activity which, to date, he had not succeeded in doing.
Trying to distract his mind from the problem that was “Ginny”, Harry began to re-read an entry on magical auras from Dumbledore's journal when he was interrupted by the arrival of Hedwig and another owl.
“Where have you been girl” said Harry, “I haven't seen you for a few days”.
Hedwig gave a hoot for a reply and turned towards her companion.
“What, you've found a friend?” commented Harry as he studied her companion.
After a closer inspection, Harry saw that the new owl was, in fact, quite old and carried itself with a very dignified air. In fact, there was something about the bird that Harry couldn't put his finger on. If he had to take a shot what it was, it was that somehow the bird reminded him of Professor Dumbledore, particularly in the way the animals gaze seem to stare directly into his soul.
Indeed, the more Harry stared into those eyes, the more he relaxed – just like his times with Dumbledore.

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