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The Amazing Adventure of Christopher Drew

June 15, 2011
By Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
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Once upon a time, in the magical land with no name, there was a boy by the name of Christopher Drew, to all he appeared as a normal child, but to the few close to him, he was a musical protege. He loved to sing and to play his ukulele; there was not much else to do in this barren frozen kingdom. The people in this kingdom would be considered rich by any means, but money meant nothing to them, their king had died recently, so as tradition went, their kingdom was now without a name until a new king could be found. Oh how Chris’s mother wanted him to be the king! This would bring her glory and riches beyond compare! But she didn’t have high hopes for that happening, because you see, Chris wasn’t like all the other guys, in their kingdom, woman ate the seaweed, sea cucumbers, and when they could afford it, fresh fruit and vegetables from the gardens, they were the vegetarians, and the men ate penguins and polar bears, they were the carnivores. But Chris refused to eat meat! All he wanted was the leafy green stuff! His mother tried to hid this secret out of shame! But as Chris got older, it was harder to hide it, he began going out with friends, and she knew that he had to eat! One day while he was out, his friends went to Penguin Hut, the place to eat. They all order blubber nuggets, and bear fluff, but he ordered a salad! A salad! You should of seen the looks he got! He was laughed all the way out of Penguin Hut, even by his so-called “friends”. He went home and began to cry, he was a pretty sensitive guy, after his little cry session, he got out his pen and paper and wrote a song about how bad he felt. This too was uncommon in this land, poetry was highly regarded in this land, but it was usually reserved for women. As soon as he finished his song, he picked up his ukulele and began to sing and it! The sound that issued forth from him, seemed to come from his very soul! Oh the beauty of it! And who should hear him, but the countess who was in charge of choosing the new king! She instantly fell in love with him just by the sound of his voice! She knew right then and there who she would select as the new king! The next day at the ceremony, everyone in the kingdom was gathered for the coronation! As the countess was up there, Chris was in the back of the crowd, shunned by everyone else.
“........and the new king shall be...Christopher Drew!”
Shock ran through the crowd, but especially through Chris! To think, he was the new king of the new land of Drewtiforopia!

The author's comments:
This was a tag team with my friend Felisha on a project we did for writing class, dedicated to one of our favorite musicians, Christopher Drew of Nevershoutnever1

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