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Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for the Beast

April 12, 2010
By kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
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All was peaceful in the Hundred-Acre Wood as the sun set over the hills and Rabbit placed the last seeds in his garden. Without warning, a booming roar revealed a terrifying beast, and Rabbit was running scared. The Hundred-Acre Wood had never seen such a vicious creature before.

Pooh Bear sat at home, alone once again, eating his feelings and binging on his fourth Hunny pot. Pooh hated being alone, and it was a very blustery dat. He just knew something bad was going to happen.
Pooh’s head was too stuck in the Hunny pot to be able to see the lion prowling back and forth outside his window, but he certainly heard the roar. Reaching for the phone, he dialed Christopher Robin’s number, the Hunny pot still glued over his head.
“What do you want now?” whined Christopher into the receiver. “Oh come quick Christopher Robin, something’s escaped from the circus, I think it’s a Heffelump!”
Now Pooh was a bear of very little brains, and to be frank, Christopher Robin was starting to get angry that he had to come to the rescue on a daily basis. So he hung up, but the thought that there may just be a creature out there would not leave his mind.
Tigger, holding a whip and a wooden chair, sporting a curly black mustache, came bouncing through the forest. “Where is he?” he pondered for the last time. Because at that moment, the beast sprung at Tigger then Tamer.
Now Tigger, who was all about “fun fun fun fun fun” was not used to such stress and bounced away screaming. On the inside, he was devastated to discover that he was in fact not “the only one.” What was this creature that was so like him?
The creature would have certainly torn through the forest after Tigger, had Christopher Robin not stepped out from behind a tree wearing a police chief uniform and holding a handgun. One hand outstretched, he said, “Nobody messes with my imaginary friends,” who began to bather behind him. Roo, curious as ever, bounded up to the giant animal, a little less afraid than Piglet or Eeyore.
“Hi, I’m Larry the Lion,” said the creature, holding out a hand and flashing his sharp pearly whites. At this, Roo burst into frightened tears, and Larry withdrew his rejected hand. He was led back to his cage in the circus by Christopher Robin, knowing that no one would ever understand him.

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ocean breeze said...
on Feb. 15 2011 at 11:30 pm
just the title makes this article sound terriffic!!! keep it coming!!!