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Blood Rush

January 22, 2010
By Emi3ly SILVER, Park City, Utah
Emi3ly SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Oooh. DRAMA! Let's get popcorn.

The pain began in the middle of my stomach. It started to spread to my legs and to the tips of my toes. It felt like I was on fire. I wanted some water to cool me down. I wanted the pain to wash away with the water. I screamed as hard as I could as it made it's way up to my collar bone than my jaw line. I jerked my body rappedly. I screamed and screamed until my lungs begged for mercy. I felt my eyes bulging. My veins in my eyes started to pop. The blood dripped from my eyes. I could only see the darkness now. I still jerked around on the ground or was it a bed? I had flashbacks all of a sudden. I could see me with my brown waving hair. The wind blew it all around the frame of my face. I smiled at someone. But, not just anybody. It was my personal angel. I smiled at the flashback. I was in his arms. His gold eyes full of love and hope. He smiled back at me. He looked at my face with loving eyes. He than leaned in and kissed me. It was a beautiful picture. The darkness suddenly interupted the scene. I was pulled away from the cute kissing couple. I clutched to it with all that I had left. Love. I wanted to kiss back. I wanted this angel. His brown hair made me feel happy like a sugar high. His V-face made me want to kiss his jaw and his cheek than back to his perfect shaped lips. I felt the pain be replaced with sadness for not being able to tangle my fingers into his hair and mold my body to his figure. I felt the need to touch his perfect white skin. He looked not real. Like your imaginary friend or your best dream ever that of course couldn't be real. I let the fire burn on me. Let me grow into a pile of ashes. Just a pile of nothing. A piece of dust no one wanted to touch. The oxygen left my lungs. Worried whispers were all around me. I reached and clutched the air. I felt nothing. How stupid. I heard my heart start to speed up like a motor in a car race. I screamed and screamed giving it all I got. The fire faded from my toes. It stopped at my legs, stomach, chest, wrists, arms, jaw, eyes, and throat. But, my throat ached for something. It was thirsty. I wanted to swallow a tub full of water. To feel the relief. I clutched my throat and let my eye lids droop to a close. I sighed as I saw a light in my dark vision. But something was pulling on me. Something told me I was not going away just yet. I had to stay for my angel in my flashback. I than let a gust of air escape from my lungs and opened my eyes. I was laying sideways. I stared at a red curtain. I looked around me. I made my eyes wonder around the dark dusty room full of old memories and fates. Books lay in an old shelf. A diary lay on a table next to me. I looked down and saw that I was in a bed. I clutched the black blankets. I tore the white sheets. I was frustrated now. I kicked and tore the fabric. The ache in my throat didn't evaporate. It was stronger as smells filled my nose. My mouth watered. I craved something to satisfy it. I looked at my arm and saw it was a pale white. I touched it lightly. I smiled. But, I was still confused why i was in his room. I than heard a sigh of relief. I looked up at the figure in the door frame. I said "What? How?" I got distracted by my beautiful high belle voice. The figure smiled and said "I bit you remember?"I thought. I remembered being in bed with the tall figure. I stopped their. I looked at the blankets and ripped them off of me. My body had a few ripped clothes on it. Some faded blood stains here and there. I sniffed it automatically. It smelled good. In a mouth watering way. I licked my jeans. The black tank top was ripped to not really shreds but close. I sighed and said "What am I again?" Stefen sighed and smiled. He was next to me in a flash. He sat there holding my hand. He giggled and smiled. He kissed my hand. He kissed all the way up my arm and across my collar bone and my jaw line. He than kissed my lips with satisfaction. He whispered against the hallow of my ear. "Your a Vampire love" and kissed me with more passion than before. It seemed illegal. I didn't care. I was immortal. He whispered my name over and over. He said "Emily" and than I molded my self to him automatically. I twined my fingers through that brown hair. His eyes were closed. Mine were open to trace his body shape. I smiled with satisfaction and let the happiness inside me show. That night would be remembered.

The author's comments:
What inspired me for this piece is the new hit TV show The Vampire Diaries. The song "Cosmic Love" by Florence and the Machine inspired me too. I heart Vampires!

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