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My Unforgettable Home

January 18, 2010
By canoana BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
canoana BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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My home is not just the place where I live -I consider it to be a part of me and who I am. I have lived in Cabo since I was born. Every aspect and memory of my life has been and will remain there.

Before Culver, I never realized how much I could miss my house. I used to take everything for granted. As I looked out my window I saw some white puffy shapes falling into the ground covering the last leaves that Fall left behind- that’s when I realized how much I would miss the Cabo sun. The weather was always warm, and there was no need for hiding a North Face fleece under the school uniform. I missed my family and friends from the start. I was used to seeing them every single day and knowing I could be with them any time I wanted. That immediately changed when I waved goodbye, as they drove away after taking me to registration. My family and friends are not physically with me here, but I know they will always be there to support me whenever I need them; although that doesn’t make it easier to be apart. It is well said that there’s no place like home.

There is just one aspect that I can relate Culver to home. We are a huge family looking out for each other and always caring for the person beside us. At home, everyone cares for each other; and if you screw up they will let you know before it gets worse. It works the same way in Culver. Culver is a community where everyone knows each other and the place where I live is very small, so everyone knows each other as well.

I would never change home for anything in the world because it is a part of me that represents my deepest self. Even though I don’t live in Cabo anymore because I’m studying at Culver -and after Culver, I will continue my education at Monterrey, I will never forget about home because it will always be there when I need it most.

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