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Miraculous Lovebug

November 11, 2019
By IreneZhou1012 BRONZE, Arcadia, California
IreneZhou1012 BRONZE, Arcadia, California
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Miraculous Lovebug

“Haha! I’ve got you now, Cat Noir!” exclaimed Paris’s most notorious villain, Gum Sticker, while using his chewed bubble gum as an adhesive to stick Cat Noir to the Eiffel Tower.
It was just another normal day in Paris, andLadybug and Cat Noir were off fighting a new villain, Gum Sticker.
“Uhh, Bugaboo, need some help here!” yelled Cat Noir, one of the famous superheroes of Paris.
“Miraculous Ladybug!” shouted Ladybug as she took out her lucky charm. “Peanut butter?!” she said with a surprised and confused facial expressions. She then soon realizes what she has to do by seeing the peanut butter, herself, and Cat Noir in ladybug print. She distracts Gum Sticker with her yo-yo while she quickly smears peanut butter all over herself and Cat Noir. The peanut butter then quickly begins to dissolve the gum off of Cat Noir.
“NOO!” yelled Gum Sticker as he spits a wad of gum at Ladybug. But Ladybug didn’t dodge and the gum couldn’t stick to her since she’s covered in peanut butter. “What?!” he exclaimed with anger as he spits a few more pieces of gum at Ladybug.
Ladybug swiftly got Gum Sticker’s container of bubble gum while he was still distracted by his own confusion and rage. She then proceeds to smash the container on the flour, and sees a black little butterfly fly out.
“Miraculous Ladybug!” yelled Ladybug as she turns the butterfly back to its pure self and Paris has returned to normal state. “Bye bye, little butterfly!” said Ladybug, who’s another superhero of Paris.
“Pound it!” exclaimed both the superheroes as they shared their iconic fist bump.
Then, both of their miraculouses started beeping, Ladybug’s earring before Cat Noir’s ring. It was time to transform back. Ladybug said goodbye to Cat Noir, and was just about to leave when she felt him grab her wrist from behind.
“Umm… my lady, would you like to go on a date with me today?” he asked timidly.
Ladybug sighed, “I’m sorry kitty. I already told you, I like someone else.” Then Ladybug dove into the crowded city, leaving Cat Noir very disappointed. Cat Noir sighed as he returned to his home.
As soon as Ladybug arrived home, she transformed back to Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a normal, clumsy high school girl with jet black hair and blue eyes, wearing her usual outfit of a white T-shirt, a black Jacket, and a pair of pink skinny jeans. Marinette felt bad about rejecting Cat Noir’s offer, but what else could she have done? Accept his offer to go on a date while pretending to like him back with a fake smile?
Marinette sighed as she said to Tikki, her kwami, “Tikki, should I have just accepted his offer and hung out with him as friends?”
Tikki replied, “I don’t think what you did was wrong, since you already like Adrien. If you went with him when you don’t like him, wouldn’t it just be playing with his heart?”
“Yeah, I think you’re right. I need to dedicate my heart to Adrien,” Marinette agreed, feeling a bit better about her decision.

On the other hand, Cat Noir, quietly snuck back into his room, making sure his dad and Natalie wouldn’t hear him. Cat Noir immediately transformed back to Adrien Agreste, a handsome model with gorgeous blonde locks and green eyes.
“Ugh, Plagg, she rejected me…” mumbled Adrien.
“Well, if it’s what she decided, then you can’t do anything about it. Now, give me a piece of camembert,” replied Plagg. Adrien threw Plagg a piece of camembert and Natalie knocked on his door.
“Adrien, it’s time for your piano lesson,” called Natalie.
Adrien sighed and followed her. Around 2 hours later, when Adrien returned to his room, the sky had already grown dark. Adrien tiredly said, “Plagg, I really want to talk to a friend right now.”
“Then just call your friend Nino,” Plagg suggested, while enjoying a piece of the delicious camembert, a white and smelly piece of cheese.”
“He’s on a date with Aliya right now, I shouldn’t disturb them. I think I’ll just go hangout with Marinette for a while. I’ll go as Cat Noir since I don’t really have a reason or excuse for going,” said Adrien.
Then he took off into the black, starry night and headed towards Marinette’s house. In the dark night, he saw a beautiful girl with jet black hair standing on her balcony. “Hey Marinette!” he greeted her as Cat Noir.
“Oh! Hi kitty! Uhh… I mean Cat Noir! Hehe… so what’s up? Why are you here?” asked Marinette.
“Uhh, I was just feeling a little lonely, and I was hoping you could hang out and talk with me for a bit,” replied Cat Noir.
“Oh, all right. So what do you want to talk about?” she asked.
“Remember that time when I told you about the person I liked? Well, I asked her out today, but she rejected me,” he admitted with a depressed tone.
“Uhh… well… I’m sorry to hear that,” she responded, feeling guilty on the inside.
“Do you remember when you told me about this guy you like at school? How have things been going with him?” Cat Noir asked.
“Well, things have been the way they always were. He only thinks of me as a friend, and I’m too shy to confess my love and I get too flustered when I’m around him. I’m always stuttering when I’m talking to him. I can’t even get a full sentence out when I’m trying to just have a normal conversation with him,” explained Marinette, sounding a bit frustrated with herself.
“I’m sorry to hear that, Mari,” he said while trying to comfort her with a soothing tone in his voice. “You can talk to me more about this if you’d like. When it comes to romantic problems, I think I’m the right person to talk with. I mean, I am known as the most flirtatious superhero in Paris, hehe,” bragged Cat Noir. “But seriously though, if you need someone to talk to, I’m all ears,” Cat Noir assured her, wiggling his cute little cat ears.
“Thanks, Cat Noir,” Marinette laughed, feeling comforted. “Then if you really don’t mind, I’ll tell you about him. So are you ready?” she asked.
“Of course! Ready as any puuurson can be!” he answered, adding one of his signature cat puns.

“Ah well, it all started on the first day of school. When I first met him, I could obviously see that he was a very handsome guy, but that wasn’t what made me fall in love with him. I actually thought that he was inconsiderate and rude person because of a misunderstanding we had. Then it started raining that day and I couldn’t go home, but he kindly lent me his umbrella and explained what really happened. The truth was, he was actually trying to help me and clean up a mess that someone else made. It the kindness that I saw in him that made me have feelings for him,” said Marinette.
“Wow, he seems like a nice guy. He must be a REALLLLYYY nice guy for our little Mari here to fall for him on the first day,” joked Cat Noir as he giggles a little.
“Hey stop laughing! I’m been serious here! If you keep joking around, I’m leaving!” she threatened, as she was a bit annoyed by Cat Noir’s comment.
“Alright! Alright! Sorry, I’ll stop okay?” he apologized.
“That’s more like it. Now, where was I?” continued Marinette. “So ever since that day, I’ve liked him, but I’ve never had the courage to confess to him. I always start stuttering when he’s around, I’m always acting super clumsy around him too. He probably thinks I’m a klutz. Since he always says I’m just a friend, I might as well just stay like that forever,” she ranted.
She looked towards Cat Noir whose just staring at her with a blank expression on his face. “Hello? Wake up! Were you even listening?!” asked Marinette with a bit of anger in her tone.
“Huh? Oh yeah! Sorry, I was just thinking about what you said, your story sounds familiar to me for some reason,” explained Cat Noir who just awoke from his daze.
“Huh? What do you mean?” she asked.
“Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s nothing. So who is this lucky guy exactly? What’s his name?” asked Cat Noir.
“Huh?! Oh… umm… well… you can’t tell anyone!” exclaimed Marinette.
“Promise! Cross my heart,” he said as he draws an X across his chest.
“Umm… his name is… Adrien Agreste,” she admitted with a rosy blush on her cheeks.
“What? Pardon me? Did you say ADRIEN AGRESTE, as in that model?!” shouted Cat Noir.
“Um yes? Now would you stop making such a ruckus? Why are you so surprised?” asked Marinette.
Cat Noir was deep in his own thoughts for a few long and quiet seconds. Then he said, “Mari, I want to show you something.”
Marinette replied, “Uh okay? So what is it?”
“Plagg! Claws off!” yelled Cat Noir as he immediately turns back into Adrien. “As you can see Mari, I’m actually Adrien Agreste,” he confessed.
Marinette didn’t say anything, she was in pure shock with her mouth and eyes wide open. Then she came to the realization of what was really happening.
“Wait… so if you’re Adrien… then I’ve been telling Adrien that I like Adrien and complaining all my problems with Adrien to Adrien this whole time?!” exclaimed Marinette whose is very confused about what is happening right now. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Suddenly knowing that your long time crush who you dream of every night is the person that you are basically with everyday to fight off bad guys. Who’s also the person that you’ve been telling all your problems.
“Uhh, I’m not sure about what you just said but I assume it’s a yes?” presumed Adrien.
Marinette’s feet began to wobble, looking like she was about to faint.
“Hey, it’s okay Mari, look at me. Deep breaths,” Adrien said while doing deep breaths with Marinette and feeling a bit nervous.
After a few deep breaths, Marinette said, “Uhh, okay, so you’re Cat Noir, Adrien? Then I have something that I need to show you too.”
“Tikki! Spots on!” yelled Marinette as she quickly turns into Ladybug.
“Huh? Wait… so Mari, you are Ladybug?!” asked Adrien with a surprised look on his face.
“So umm… are you disappointed that it was me this whole time,” Ladybug asked, whose faced away from Adrien with her eyes shut close, as if she doesn’t really want to hear the answer to her question.
“What? Of course not! Actually, I’m really glad that it’s you! Finding out that the kind, beautiful girl who makes the best macaroons in Paris is my beloved bugaboo is the best thing ever!” answered Adrien whose got a big smile plastered all over his face.
“Really? You’re not upset, but instead, glad, that it’s me?!” asked Ladybug who is on the verge of tears, tears of joy, of course.
“No don’t cry, Mari,” he begged, as he embraces Ladybug in a dreamlike warm hug. Adrien looked straight into Ladybug’s eyes with love, and asked, “May I, my lady?”
Ladybug replied with a warm smile and teary eyes, “Yes, you may.” Then they kissed under the beautiful full moon of the starry sky.

The author's comments:

My fan fiction story is based off of my favorite kids TV series, Miraculous Ladybug. It’s a fan-fiction of what I would like to see happen in the actual series. It contains characters and the general plot of the original story, and I added a continuation of the story with my personal preferences.

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