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The Girl and the Collision

February 28, 2013
By BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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June 2006. My big brother Andrew and I went to the dirt bike park by a pond that not many people went too. I was 9 ½ and he was 11. I always wanted to go to one, but was scared because I didn’t know how to ride without training wheels. I had just gotten them off a few months ago. I said to my mom “I’m a big girl and can go.” So my brother and I put our helmets on and got on our bikes to leave.

I followed my brother and would get in front of him sometime to show off. When we finally arrived I looked around at the little and big hills. I decided to start at the small hills that weren’t too steep. I started to pedal and gain speed. It was really fast. Up and down. I thought that it was boring. So I went to a bigger hill, but I still wasn’t satisfied.

I then went to the biggest hill my brother was at. I was at the top and my brother was at the bottom talking to some boys. I looked at the cars on the highway. I wondered if I could go that fast. At the top of the hill I had tons of adrenaline running through me like a runner in a race. I started down the hill down the with my bike gripping the dirt. I looked up and in that split second I saw my brother coming straight at me.

I was going to fast to stop for if I did i would be flung into the air. Andrew was going at a fast pace too. Before I knew it everything slowed down like time stopped. I felt a jolt of the bikes colliding. I felt the painful slice of my leg getting cut up. I felt the sensation of being lifted up into the air. There was an awful taste of dirt in my mouth. With my eyes wide open I felt as if I was being turned upside down. Or was it the world?

When the spinning stopped I felt the jolt of my body hit the ground hard. A painful feeling went throughout my whole body. A scream was formed , but would not leave my lips. I believe I was in shock. I hear d the bike land right next to me with a thud. I finally came to my senses , but couldn't speak. I was shaking all over and fear crept in. I realized what had happened. I was in a bike crash and landed in a ditch. I started to cry although my head felt foggy.
Andrew was on his bike when he came over and tried to help me up. He was unharmed. I was scared and wanted my mom and dad. With gallons of tears in my eyes I looked down at my legs. They were cut up and were for sure bruised badly. I looked all over myself ,but mostly I was covered in bumps and bruises. My hands were still shaking when I picked up my bike and Andrew took me home.
I learned a few things that day. One, don't ride a bike without knee pads. Two, watch out for my big brother on a bike. Three, I'm stronger than I appear. I know now that to watch out when on a bike and to get up, dust off and keep riding.

The author's comments:
This piece is a memory from my past. It's the best memory, but it's a great story to tell. Enjoy!

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on Sep. 23 2013 at 4:13 pm
BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Thank you very much! I do try my hardest.

on Jun. 5 2013 at 8:42 pm
hippiechild BRONZE, Lakewood, Ohio
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