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Name Essay

September 29, 2020
By 2naylor BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
2naylor BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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My name is John. When I think of John, it reminds me of a darker blue green.  Sophisticated colors. Also, a quiet sound. Maybe a soft hum. And a soft texture. 

I can picture John in an office in New York City with a great view. You can talk to him about anything and he will be open. He’ll always be understanding with you. He would be a cool guy to hangout with, because he is always chill with whatever.

I think the idea of this John fits me extremely well. I’m always super chill with anyone and would always want to hangout with anyone. I would always be up for talking and just being chill together overall.

John was my Grandpa’s name. My Grandma and Mom thought it would be a good idea to name me after him, since he was incredibly important in their lives. Growing up now, they say I look almost exactly like him. And act like him too. My thick, brown hair. My long eyelashes. Athletic personality. So I think John is a perfect name to represent me and my family's past.

In my mind, John is the perfect mix between Johnny and Johnathon. Johnny seems way too hyper. and flat out annoying. Jonathan seems too formal. All business. John can be hyper and outgoing when he needs to be. He can make new friends easily without annoying them. But, when something needs to get done, John will do it. He knows that it’s not always a fun time. And sometimes it has to be business.

John is a very biblical name, and means “God is Gracious.” I could see John as a light blue sky on a perfect sunday. No clouds. Calming breeze. And going to church. God and Religion is especially important to my family and I. 

I would never want to change my name from John. Nothing else could do the job. sometimes funny, but also hard-working. Religious. Most importantly, it ties my family and I together.

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