Is it worth it?

November 3, 2017
By gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
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“Is it worth it?”

It clouded his mind like nothing else. An “average Joe,” a nickname for a normal human being with a normal routine. That’s what he believed he was, everything he did was average. He wasn’t going to save humanity by himself, or create a legendary innovation. He wasn’t going to be remembered for the next two-hundred years. His death wasn’t going to be news. He was just going to live the same cycle everyday waiting for a breakthrough from this normal thing called life. He looked up to that two-percent of the earth’s population that lived in what seemed perfect harmony. No problems. No worries. They had everything at their disposal, the ultimate head start.  It  just annoyed him that he wouldn’t be able to live to live his life without work, he was born naturally in the bottom, his parents didn’t want the best and never wanted it. Slowly he can back into his senses, he peered towards the clock, six thirty. He was as sitting for a mere measly minutes, his mind tricked him, he felt as if it was at least an hour after he spaced out on about his unforgiving life. This just made him feel even more lonely as a house in the hills, isolated from everything else for a purpose. Something wanted in his robotic mind to just quit everything, his responsibility’s, his worries, and his dreams just to save his sanity to just live life as it went. Give up. That was it. Give up. But he knew that was wrong, he wasn’t going to do it. Work harder is what he was going to do and he was going to do it harder than he’s ever done before. Even if he couldn’t work a amazing life for himself, he would do it for his kids. He’d do the work so his kids wouldn’t go through what he had gone through, he didn’t want them to go through the same thing he went through. He wanted them to have a good, decent head start even if it meant if he would have to work the hardest, even if he didn't’ like it, even if it would annoy him. He would do it.

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