The hellhound out to get you

July 15, 2017
By YashaA SILVER, San Rafael, California
YashaA SILVER, San Rafael, California
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It was dark and cloudy when she walked across the moor. She was young and pretty, with dark eyes and short black hair and beautiful honey coloured skin. She was walking silently across the moorland in the fading light. She meant to be back to her mum’s house by six, but as she was walking, she realized she was lost. Looking around, there was only the bare ground and a few scraggly plants poking up from the ground. She looked out on the horizon where the sun was setting. The parts of sky that were visible made the sky bright orange and pink.  A slight breeze ruffled her hair, making her turn around in unease. The landscape was so unfamiliar all of a sudden… she couldn't see anything but endless moorland in every direction. Running to what she thought was north, she tried making her way back home. The sun was setting, and she was even more lost than she before. The wind had picked up too, making ghastly sounds like a howling dog. She kept walking, getting quite cold and scared. Then, though the wind was strong and made it hard to hear, she thought she heard a voice.
“Anette!” It sounded like a woman's voice. Her mother.
“Mum!” Anette ran towards the sound of her mother's voice. “Mum! Where are you?” She shouted.
The wind carried her voice away and there was no answer. The moor was dark...through the wind Anette thought she heard an actual....howl. A dog? There it was again… a grim, abstract sounding howl that pierced the night like a needle. It didn't sound like a normal dog. Looking up to the sky Anette realized that the moon was just a sliver like an evil cheshire cat smile. That...sound, that weird howl, couldn't be a coyote. It was too long and low to be coyote. Anette kept walking across the moor, getting quite cold and shivering violently. The voice of her mother was gone. Coming to a tall pinnacle sticking out of the ground, Anette stopped. The rock seemed to be glittering in the moonlight, and for a second it calmed her. It almost looked like moonstone, the way it glittered. Then there was that howl again, this time closer. More clear. She turned around, freaked. She couldn't see any animal. Then it was all silent..crack! Anette jumped in sheer terror, whimpering and backing up against the rock. There was a growl...The dog was here!  Then it appeared in front of her, its long claws glinting in the moonlight. Its lips were drawn back in a snarl and ears stood straight up like a doberman’s. It took a step closer, growling. ‘I have found you at last!’ It seemed to say. Anette was horrified and she was beginning to feel light headed as the thing crept closer. Just as she was slipping into unconsciousness, there was a shot. The beast whimpered and slumped to the ground and faintly, Anette saw a pair of hunting boots walk up to the fallen creature. Then everything went black.

Anette woke feeling nervous and scared. She sat up and realized that whoever had walked up to her before she has passed out had moved her to a nice bedroom. Looking around, she realized there were dark satin curtains that went all the way to the floor and huge windows that let in tons of light. The bed was a four poster and intricate carvings laced the bed posts. Who had brought her here? Why? Anette got out of the bed slowly. Her feet touched nice dark wood flooring, and as she moved towards the door the floor creaked a little. Putting her hand on the doorknob and turning it slowly, the door creaked open with a sound that gave her chills. It seemed to Anette this place was old. It smelled a little like mothballs and dust. She poked her head out of the door frame and before her was a long corridor. She could see light coming faintly from around the corner. ‘Who the hell owns this place?’  Anette thought as she walked down the corridor. She came to the end of it and yet again poked her head around another corner. She was met with a pleasant sight. There was a huge living room with comfy looking couches and a blazing fire in the hearth. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling. The pleasantness was broken when there was a growl from the couch. That's when Anette realized there was a large dog sitting on the couch with its front paws crossed. How had she not noticed that before? It looked a little like a blanket because the hair was long and looked very silky. The dog was snarling at Anette as if to tell her to go back. Its long snout made it look like it was almost...smiling? That's when Anette realized what it was. The dog was a borzoi. She had had two when she was little. They were really friendly. But this one looked like more of a guard dog. It barked at her, and Anette took off running down the hall.

Getting back into the bed, she fell into a troubled sleep.

Anette opened her eyes and looked up at the cracked paint on the ceiling. She groaned and made an attempt to get out of bed. Hopefully she could find out more about this place. That's when she saw it. At first glance it was nothing more that a figment of her imagination, but then there was that awful, second glance. There was the beastly dog she had seen on the moor. It wasn't solid, it didn't look solid-but more of a ghost. It growled and took a step towards her. 'Don't you dare forget me. I will be here waiting-always-to take your soul to hell when you die!'

The author's comments:

This peice is similar to The hound of the Baskervilles, yes I do indeed realize that, but I didnt realize it until after I had written it. Its basically the same concept, but I decided to incorporate a little of my own dark imagination into it by making the hound one of Lucifer's bloodthirsty dogs. I think that the moorland is a very creepy setting and was great for a story like this. If you know about  any mythical creatures you will know that hellhounds are an omen of death and are known to haunt people. I was thinking that maybe since the hunter killed the dog, he had saved Anette from death and the dog was waiting to get her when her time came. 

Never walk on the moors alone children, or you might just encounter one of these ghastly dogs. 

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