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March 3, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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'Mom!' I called for the fifth time hoping she would finally hear and answer me.

'Molly, are you calling me?' my mom, Rachael, yelled back

'Yeah, aren't you coming? I'm going to be late for school,' I warned her.

''Kay, wait for me in the car I'll me there in a couple of minutes.'

''Kay,' I agreed. I grabbed my blue L.L. Bean backpack and walked out the door, shutting it behind me. For some strange reason I had the sudden urge to look back and glance as my house as if I wasn't going to see it again.

Look at it the voice in my head shouted over and over again.

'Why?' I heard myself whisper. I shook my head, dazed. Why was I whispering aloud to ask a question to voice inside my head.

Just do it the voice ordered again.

The voice was interrupted by a familiar voice.

'Molly, are you ready to go?' My mom asked.

'What did you just say?' I wasn't ready to go, where was I going?

'Are you ready to go? To school?' She sounded as if she didn't know the answer.

'Oh, right.' I said slowly as I walked hesitantly toward our green beetle. Without my permission my turned to look back at my house. I felt the atmosphere closing me in, forcing me to look at my house. I felt my head locked in the same position. I could see nothing but my house and the darkness surrounding it.

'Molly?' My mom's voice was alarmed and I felt her gaze on me. I tried to answer her, I wanted to answer her, but I couldn't find my voice, it somehow got lost in the darkness.

'Molly!' Rachael yelled. She walked quickly to my side and shook me gently. 'Molly, are you all right?' As soon as her hand touched my shoulder everything returned to normal. I looked at my mom with an apologetic smile on my face

'Sorry,' I mumbled. 'Dozed off.'

'C'mon you're going to be late if we don't hurry,' she said as she ushered me to the car, eying me like I was going to black out again. I didn't know what happened but I didn't like the way I felt when it happened. The way I couldn't move, the way I had no control over my body, it was like someone else was controlling me. I hopped into the car and put my seatbelt on with shaky hands. I looked at them, frightened. What was happening to me? I decided I should hide my hands in my pockets to my mom wouldn't notice the way they were shaking. I didn't want to scare her too.

'So either your dad or Tary will pick you up,' my mom said, trying to make a conversation.

'Ugh,' I groaned quietly. I didn't like the saying your dad or Tary, it reminded me of my divorced parents and my mean stepmother.

'What's the matter? Would you rather have Jamie pick you up?'

My face lit up. 'Yeah!' I said enthusiastically. Although I didn't like Tary I did like her two daughters, Jamie and Jordan. Jordan was sixteen, she was the best older sister anyone could ask for. She took me shopping, to salons, to movies, everywhere. She loved to hang out with me and I loved to hang out with her. Tary's other daughter Jordan was my best friend, we had every class together at Greenwood Middle School. As soon as I thought about Jordan, the voice in my head was triggered.

Save her! The voice in head shouted over and over at me.

WHO?! I shrieked at in my head at the voice. Why won't you tell me what's going on? Is Jordan in trouble? Tears of rage and despair filled my eyes, spilled over my eyelashes, and raced their way down my cheek. I couldn't live through it if Jordan died. She was my soul sister.


'What do you mean?' my mom asked. I froze. I was so angry that I actually shouted that aloud instead of shouting it inside my head. How was I going to explain that one?

'Ummmmmmmm,' I stuttered. 'Sorry.'

'What's the matter? Why are you acting so weird?' My mom asked, frightened.

'No reason, I was um, practicing for a play we have to do in class today. Sorry, didn't mean to startle you,' I mumbled.

'Are you sure you're alright, sweetie? You don't sound like it.'

'Yeah, don't worry about it.' There was nothing but silence for the rest of the car ride, it seemed like hours long, but it was really just a few minutes. I looked at the sun warming the summer's air. I breathed in the warm air that was invited inside the musty car from the opened windows.

Save her the voice said, quietly this time.

Please tell me what's going on. Please. I pleaded. I couldn't stand not knowing. I just wanted to know what was going on, that's all.

I wish I could, I can only tell you to save her, at least for now.

Well, can you at least tell me who to save?

No, not now.

Fine. Wait, are you talking about Jordan? I forced myself to think the name. I waited for an answer, but the voice didn't answer. I repeated the question, but again the voice didn't answer.

Will you at least tell me when I will figure out who I have to save? But again, I came up with nothing. Ugh, why was the voice so stubborn? But then I realized that the voice-whoever it was-was doing be a great service by at least giving me a chance to save someone I cared about. But it at least would be helpful to know who that person was.

'Have a good day,' my mom said as she pulled into the school paring lot.

'Thanks,' I mumbled unenthusiastically as I climbed out of the car. I walked slowly toward the school.

'Molly!' Jordan yelled as she ran toward me. I turned the other way and ran towards the back of the school. I couldn't face her now, I couldn't face anyone. 'Wait, where are you going!? She yelled at me, but I just kept running.

Please just tell me who to save! I thought I knew the answer but I wanted to be sure.


Why are you telling me this now?

Because you needed to see her first.

How so I save her?

You'll figure it out. I promise.

Why me? Why do I get a warning to save my sister? No one else gets a chance like this. Why me?

You've always been connected with sprits, Molly. You just haven't known it until now.

Just then the bell rang. I gathered my stuff and ran inside the school so I wouldn't be late for my first hour. I realized something as I ran; I had Jordan in my first hour, I had her in every hour. I didn't know if I could face her knowing she was destined to die. How could I save her? How could I interfere with destiny? I didn't know the answer I just knew I had to save her, I could never live with myself knowing it'd me my fault if she didn't survive. I shuddered at the thought of losing my sister.

'Molly, is there a good reason you're late?' asked my math teacher, Ms. McKenz, as I walked into the class room.

'Not really,' I admitted.

'Alright, please take your seat. Your failure to come to class on time will count as a tardy.' As I walked to my seat (next to Jordan) I saw she was starring at me. She was probably wondering why I ignored her this morning. Sure enough, she asked me why I did.

'I just had to be alone,' I told her, and it wasn't even a lie. I didn't want to lie to her, I never did before. I wanted to avoid that as much as I possibly could.

'Are you all right? You seem a little tense.'

'Yeah, I'm fine,' I lied. I hated this, why couldn't I just tell her the truth.

Am I allowed to tell her? I asked the voice.

Um, I'm not really sure, I mean it's allowed but I don't think she'll even believe you.

Would it even make sense to tell her?

Not really.

The rest of the day dragged on. I avoided Jordan as much as I could manage, but that was kind of hard, seeing as how she was in all my classes. After school, in the parking lot, it happened.

A car was coming at me at full speed, I was too stunned to move. It was like my body was controlled by something else again, just like it had that morning in my lawn.

All of a sudden Jordan screamed. 'Molly! NO!' She ran over to me as fast as she could and stood in front of me. Instead of hitting me, sure enough the car hit Jordan. I stared at her, she laid on the ground, still as a statue and she had her eyes closed. I was too stunned to speak, to move, to breathe. Tears of rage and pain filled my eyes again and ran down my cheek. It was me along, it was me that killed her. That was the last thing I thought before I slipped away into a black hole of despair.

When I woke up I was in the hospital surrounded by my mom, my dad, Tary, and Jamie, but of course, not Jordan. I could tell by everyone's faces that they were in great pain, thanks to me.

'Molly, are you all right?' everyone asked together.

'Yes,' I answered I couldn't keep myself from weeping. I killed my sister. I didn't care about myself, all I cared about was her. At the thought of not having Jordan around anymore, I cried again.

'It's okay, sweetie, it wasn't your fault,' my mom tried to soothe me; she didn't do a very good job because I could hear the pain in her voice.

'It was my fault,' I sobbed. 'If I had moved then the car wouldn't have hit Jordan.' I said as I closed my eyes, I couldn't stand to see their faces. No one said anything.

'Molly! NO!' Jordan yelled. Jordan? I opened my eyes, there I was, there she was, in the parking lot, the car racing towards me again.

Move this time. We're giving you another shot. The voice told me. I quickly got out of the way of the racing car, just in time. It skidded to a stop in the grass.

'Molly, thank God you're okay,' Jordan said, her voice full of relief, as she hugged me firmly.

'I'm fine, it's fine.' I looked up at the sky and thanked God that I had my sister back.

Thank you so much. I can't tell you how grateful I am.

You're welcome.

I have a question.

Okay, go ahead.

Why did you have me look at my house this morning? How does that fit with me saving Jordan?

Oh, that was a test, to see if you would actually listen to us.

Us? Who's us?


The author's comments:
When Molly notices that someone or something is trying to tell her something, she doesn't kmow what do to. All they're saying is "save her." Can Molly figure out who to save and actually save her before it's too late?

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