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Moonlit Promises

October 29, 2007
By Anonymous

The sun fades while the moonlight brings to life eerie shadows that dance during the night. Darkness creeps up and laughs as two shadows run through the trees towards the open field. The two shadows pause quickly, one moving in close to the other pulling it into a possessive embrace. They momentarily become one. Laughter rings out as the two separate and run forward into the open. Darkness snorts in disgust planning to claim a soul under the stars tonight.

Myrah braced herself for the impact of the ground as Davien tackled her. They rolled a few feet on the grass before stopping. Davien was leaning over her laughing. His short black hair moved with the cool breeze of wind. He moved next to Myrah and became quiet.

They were both quiet for a long moment before Myrah's mind began to wonder. She and Davien spent most of their time together. Every night they would take off like this. Running through the trees and looking at the stars. But tonight, something seemed off. The night seemed darker and cooler than normal. She pondered in until Davien's sigh pulled her back from her thoughts.

"Myrah?" he asked softly.

"Hmm?" she shifted and moved her hands beneath her head.

"You--you know I'd die for you, right?" She heard a nervous edge in his voice. "I mean," he added quickly, "if it were if your life were in danger or something..." he continued to name samples as she wondered if he actually would.

"Yes," she cut into his rambling. "I'm sure you would." The sarcasm didn't reach her words but showed fully in her smile that Davien didn't see.

He fell silent beside her. Myrah close her eyes to enjoy the cool breeze that blew across her face. Davien sat up and she felt his green eyes on studying her.

"Would you die for me?" He asked, suddenly breaking the silence. Myrah's eyes opened; her bright blue eyes seeming to light the field up. The read the shock on her face.

"I love you, Myrah. I want to know if you love me too." She curled up in a ball with her back to him. She liked him, yeah, but love? She didn't want to. Love was just a weakness…a flaw. But then again, she didn't value life. She would die for him, she would die for anyone.

"Yes," she said. "I would die for you." She felt him relax and relief flooded through her. She hated hurting people.

Darkness had been watching from the trees, unable to venture out into the field. It felt everything. Tension, fear, hate, and love. Love Darkness hated more than anything. Such an unuseful waste of time. The girl, it decided, was the one. The new soul to add to the collection. She was ready. The shadows retreated into the trees to wait.

"I promise you that I will." Davien said while stroking Myrah's cheek. "Will you promise me?" Myrah held in her laughter, not wanting to ruin the moment for him.

"Yeah, sure." She said under her breath. Davien smiled at her and flicked her nose.

"I wanted that to be more serious and believing." He said playfully. He fell backwards as she pushed him. She leaned over him, held his face still and looked into his eyes.

"I promise." She said, holding back her smile.

"That's better," he said and laughed. She fell back and looked at the stars once more. They sat there in silence for a long time before she stood up.

"We should probably get back." Myrah said.

"Yes, yes. We should." He offered his arm pretending to be an old-fashioned gentleman.

"Why thank you," she smiled and linked her arm in his as they walked back to the trees. She felt the shadows; they were calling for her, screaming for her. The closer she got, the faster her heart began to race. The cold wind wrapped around her, pulling her closer to the trees. She gasped as she was ripped away from Davien's arm towards the trees.

The shadows danced when the red haired girl entered Darkess. They were certain there was no escaping for her, no getting away. She belonged to them and only them. The shadows pushed her around listening to her high pitched screams as her arms were slashed and cut. They danced all around her making the fallen leaves fly in circles around them, with them and through them. The girl fell to the ground; they felt her heart beating like crazy. Their dancing slowed as a darker shadow entered the slight clearing the girl was in.

All movement stopped when the shadow became a pale man in black clothing. He reached down and picked the girl up pulling her close to him and tilting her head back.

"You, my child, belong to Darkness." He lowered his mouth to her neck.

Davien saw the guy in black pick her up and lower his mouth to her neck. He picked up and rock and threw it at his head. He dropped Myrah and spun around looking ready to attack Davien.

Myrah sat up and watched the man pick Davien up just like he and done to her. He pushed his head back and bit into his neck. She heard Davien scream as she closed her eyes, telling herself it wasn't real. When she opened her eyes he was still there and Davien's body went limp. Looking around, she found a broken branch. She picked it up and slowly walked forward to the man and shoved it through his back into his heart. He fell instantly, dropping Davien in the process.

Myrah went to him as the other body dissolved into ash and couldn't feel his breathing. She pulled him close and remembered the promise he had made not to long ago under the stars. She remembered not believing him, not believing he would give his life for hers. A single tear slid down her cheek onto his face. Her eyes closed. She didn't imagine hurting this much when she lost someone. Someone she was sure she didn't love.

A cold hand touched her face and her eyes flew open to see a pale face and bright green eyes. Her eyes widened as he sat up. She was sure he was dead.

"It's alright, I'm not...technically alive, I don't think." He said as if reading her mind. Quickly, before she could stop him, Davien pulled her close and sank his teeth into her neck, tasting her rich blood. Once he had enough, he pulled away and laid her down on the patch of grass. After a moment, she came back full of anger. He saw it in her eyes, the anger…the death wish.

Myrah heard the shadows; she felt them close in on her. They were ready to answer her wishes and obey her. She was the next chosen leader. She looked at them and then at Davien. She hated him for changing her...for doing this without even asking.

"You made a promise," he said frantically as the shadows closed in on him slowly and violently.

"I never expected you to keep your promise," she replied hotly and rolled her eyes.

"Stop them!" he screamed as they began to pull at his clothes.

"I promised to die for you," Myrah turned to walk away. Glancing back she said, "But I won't do it again." She walked away hearing his screams and not feeling a thing.

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