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Powerful Emotion

February 2, 2009
By dmwtfarmer BRONZE, Hillsborough, New Jersey
dmwtfarmer BRONZE, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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I live to experience powerful emotion- feelings that shake the body free from defensive layers and penetrate the depths of the soul. Emotion so strong, so intense, it tears you limb from limb and scatters all you thought you knew, far from your emotional center.

A driving rain, and its dark. You sit on the porch with soft wet feet nuzzled in luscious black grass, squeezing toes and squishing mud so it seeps through the cracks between toes and swallows you whole. Wind whips- lashes- caresses- the heart. Thoughts escape with the pounding rain. Clouds roll, billow- beating rugs above. Thunder pounds so hard, punches your chest- one, two, three, and a crack appears in the sky, hot white. You feel the burn in your eyes- the crack remains, darker now, and it stays with you burned in your lids, stinging your sight. Now you see the world as it is, sight free by all that is unreal, clarity spews from the crack. Feeling, alone, transcends what you see when you watch the sorry sky fly by. Feelings- awe, fury, loss- act to soothe, for they are real. You close your eyes and the crack grows fainter. You force out all that is not feeling; logic and thought melt away, yet the crack remains. Mist from the pounding rain rolls down thin cheeks- the salty sting reaches storm saturated lips- raw emotion seeps from the faint crack in the stormy sky beneath the eyelids- the rain streams from within and pounds, thunder pulses through your blood, yet the crack remains.

The author's comments:
Powerful emotion is the driving force behind humanity. In all endeavors, we must harness this emotion, and allow it to overpower logic- this admittance alone is the source of creative developement.

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