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The Golden Crown MAG

By Anonymous

   Young Jack peered up to the mountain that overlooked his town.

And there he saw a brilliant sight, it was a golden crown.

The crown stood on a pedestal that raised it to the sun.

He was sure he could do anything if only he had one.

So when his mother was away, he climbed out of his bed.

He packed up all his money, clothes, and half a loaf of bread.

When he gazed down the cobbled path that led him out of town,

He noticed there were other children gathering around.

They too had seen the treasure that now stood atop the peak.

So they all marched off on the bridge over the creek.

It was for many years they marched, Jack now was twenty-four.

And looking for some shelter he knocked on a village door.

A young maiden answered and Jack asked if he could stay.

There was little hesitation, she answered "yes" right away.

The maiden's name was Mary, she was only seventeen.

They talked all night and by the morning the future they had seen.

They were to be married that afternoon at ten,

And then, Jack thought, by noon or one, be on the road again.

But Mary seemed to have some different plans in mind,

"There's no need to go on the road. There are jobs here you can find."

But Jack was most persistent and refused to leave his dream,

Still remembering his crown with its magical golden gleam.

And so he left the village in search of the golden crown,

Not to mention leaving Mary standing in her bridal gown.

So for many years he climbed the path high up into the sun.

And there it was, the treasure, his prize at last was won.

Jack walked up to the golden crown with the use of his cane.

This was his lifelong treasure, he had conquered every plane.

Jack's feeble, aging body lifted up the crown.

He placed it on his head, and then he looked around.

No one was there to see it; there wasn't any applause,

So, Jack went to the village to seek the crowds in awe.

And as he journeys down the path he thought a great deal more,

Where were the other men who were with him before?

The crown grew heavy on his head, his neck began to ache,

As he approached the village square his body began to shake.

How would he greet Mary? He'd make it a surprise.

The shock for her to see his crown before her very eyes.

At last the wondrous moment came he knocked on Mary's door,

The door opened, there stood a man, Jack's heart sunk to the floor.

"Is Mary here?" he asked the man, who sadly shook no.

"Ms. Wilkins is just ten years dead. She's buried at Wilpoe."

So Jack walked to the cemetery to see his only love.

"Hey Jack," he heard a familiar voice from up above.

It was old Darren Johnson, who'd started out with Jack.

"I'm just bringin' my boy to meet my momma, then we're heading back."

And as Jack watched Darren's boy he knew where Darren had been.

As he gave the crown to the little boy he said "After all, it's only tin."

by David Marshall,

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i love this !

on May. 7 2012 at 11:58 pm
Athena19 SILVER, Central Point, Oregon
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I love this story! The message at the end is really powerful

mads942 SILVER said...
on Aug. 31 2010 at 11:16 pm
mads942 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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This is wonderful. I love the rhymes and the message at the end. It is bordering on haunting...well done.