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The Basketball Player

October 11, 2007
By Anonymous

Troy was a young basketball player that wasn’t very good. He would always be last picked in street games. On his spare time he would work on his 3-pointers and his lay-ups. He also loved to watch the NBA on TV. Basketball try outs were coming up faster then troy wanted them to because he knew he still has to get ready. So on the day of tryouts he was extremely nervous and couldn’t stop sweating as he prepared to show the coach what hes got. When his turn finally came he tried his hardest but when it was over he wished he’d done better. When Coach Snyder finally released the roster he hoped that his name would be on there and he’d be on the team. When the crowd around the bulletin bored cleared troy looked and it and when he saw his name on it he almost jumped out of his shoes. He ran home to tell his family and friends.

Then the first practice came and during the practice troy missed all his 3-point shots. So for the next practice and many more to come troy sat the bench most for almost the whole practice. Then came game week, which was the week Coach Snyder would release the starting roster. Troy knew sense he has spent so much time on the bench that he wouldn’t be on it but he had to look and all he could do was hope for a miracle that would get him on it. When he finally looked the miracle he had hoped for didn’t happen he wasn’t on there. Then Troy went to coach and asked his why he wasn’t getting a lot of practice or on the starting roster. All Snyder had said was that Troy only made the team because there weren’t enough people on the team for him to be cut.

Troy left disappointed and when he got home he told his dad what happened and his dad said “Don’t give up just because someone says you’re not good, you should use that as motivation to get better.” That’s exactly what Troy did. He went to the weight room to get stronger and any chance he got he would practice shooting baskets although he couldn’t make 3 point shots very well. When the first game arrived Troy didn’t play but he still kept practicing and continuing to make progress. At school people would make fun of him because he didn’t play saying “hey troy I see your starting at LB(left bench) again But Troy would always walk away and forget about what people said. When week 5 came Troy had been working harder than ever, and people have noticed that he’s made a lot of improvement. One of those people was Coach Snyder. When we six came the new starting line-up came out and Troy was on it. When he saw it he was so excited he ran down the hall yelling “I’m starting, I’m starting”. And when he got home he told his dad and his dad was very proud of him. At the week 6 game Troy’s team was fighting for a playoff spot and they needed this win.

With 15 seconds to go in the game Troy’s was down by two and he had the ball. Seconds were quickly ticking off the clock with 3 seconds to go Troy had no choice but to make a 3 point shot. Finally with one second left Troy put the ball up hoping it would go into the basket.

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