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Abstract Opposites: Love and Hate

January 10, 2014
By JackShadow22 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
JackShadow22 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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The chemistry of the brain, a wonderful thing. Logic, understanding. It harbors our emotions and brings us to life. The two main emotions many might argue are that of Love and Hate, and from them stem the rest of human feeling; From Hate comes Grief and Sorrow, and Love begets Happiness and Joy. But alas, a different tale is woven by spinning a new thread, this time of truth to our logic, reason, and understanding:

Once upon a dangerously dark thought, the result of a conflict between Hate and Love, a being was created, neither tangible yet tangible. Its name, well it goes by many names, but it prefers the term Depression. Depression was a terrifying being that fed upon thoughts and moods. It restricted and detained feelings and imitated that of Hate and disguised itself with Love. It spoke, "I have been many times suppressed, futilely of course. Today is the day that I shine."

From their cage the emotions roared, Love's voice sang softly, "Depression, you are subjective, I will teach you your place, this mind is to be shared, not to be used as a cover only to be destroyed."

"How do you believe that dearest little one?" Depression reared its teeth.

"For Love has with it me," Hate roared blindly from its cage. "We are Father and Mother of this mind and we have all power, Depression. We cannot be caged."

"Then tell me, now," Depression spat, "Why are you trapped and why aren't I stopped?" It waited, but no answer came, "It is because you bow down to me! Both you emotions are interwoven and today I will wrench from you the low bearing string. The feelings you elicit are no more for I suppress you, a natural flaw of the mind I plan to take advantage of!" As Depression spoke, the mind calmed and darkened. "Hark! My time is near, you shall be no longer."

"And so will you," Love chimed. "If this mind goes, so do you-"

"No! I have made certain I will forever live on and not only in every mind, but in every heart. I will ingrain my roots and feed and grow strong. Like you Mother and Father. But I will sever your roots and leave you to wither and cease to exist," Depression countered. "My mission is clear and I will act. My darkness shall reign!"

The walls of the mind constricted and dimmed. Depression grew and harbored nearly all space. He stretched further and further to all reaches of the mind. He grinned, "Yes, yes. One more dark thought and I will be infinite." And so he did. He brought another dark thought to the mind; he would achieve his goal. He stretched, "Yes!"

Suddenly, he stopped, "Why is it that I have stopped? What is the meaning of-" A light shone behind him so bright. "Mother! Father! What is it you have done?" Depression demanded knowingly.

Love and Hate spoke to their dark offspring in unison," From us has been spawned a being so small it takes no space. It will be able to live in your darkness and never be shadowed by you. Wherever you go it will be as it is an in-dweller of the heart and will feed from you as you do your host."

"What do you mean?" Depression demanded quite nervously.

"She is Hope, she will live, she will be. She is the counteract-ant of your dark thoughts. She is the assurance of feeling and counteracts your depressants. You will never, now, kill all emotions, because within her, your sister, is all other emotions, whether good or bad, that are mixed to shine brightly. She will be your qualifier, Depression, she will live with you," Mother and Father spoke as one.

At the last words, Mother and Father were freed from their cage and Depression yelled in defeat. Its sister attached herself to Depression and disappeared with it, sure to return as Depression will so inevitably do.

The author's comments:
Just a little story I wrote.
I--Hope--you enjoy it.

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