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The Jewel

September 3, 2008
By Shychey BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
Shychey BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
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I open my eyes slightly. It's still dark out. I can not sleep so I get out of bed. I slump my way over to the mirror.The first thing I look for every day in the mirror is my jewel. It was given to me at birth. I wear it around my neck not for looks but because it comforts me, it's almost like it's a part of me.
The darkness around me drew me in.I found myself under the stars without even realizing I left the house. I wandered around the streets for what seemed an eternity. Up and down each corner, getting lost with each step. I feel a chill run through my body. I look down at my feet and realize why i am so cold. My feet are completely bare. I wonder why I didn't notice before, because now I can feel the cold, strong ground beneath me. None of this seems to matter at the moment though. It feels as if i am on auto pilot. I can not stop. Something is compelling me to keep moving, but i don't know what.
I move deeper into the darkness, wondering why my feet are still moving. Just like the chill ran through my body i know feel a wave of heat rush through me.Only this is stronger.I stumble over my feet because of the sharpness of heat in my chest. I fall to the ground with a thud that seems to have broken the silence of the night. I grab my chest in a desperate plea to stop the heat that radiates through my whole body." Hunh," I gasp! My jewel necklace is glowing bright red. I don't know if it is the heat or the shock of my favorite necklace's new skill, but i can't breathe! My head is squished between my legs as i gasp for breath. I try to calm myself down but my breathing does not want to fall back into beat. I am startled from my trance by a hand that feels like ice. I look up to see the face of a prince. He looks like he was sculpted from ice by the angels above. But like ice, I am afraid to touch him in the fear he might melt away. His lips are blue, but welcoming. His lips curled up into a smile when he realized I was staring at him. I immediately look down, afraid he might see my now red cheeks.
When my courage decided to stop hiding, I looked up. I let out a little squeak but I can't seem to find my voice. " How," I finally manage to say? He has the same jewel necklace I do but it's glowing bright blue. My mind wanders while I try to sort the information out. He moves his cold hand from my shoulder and grabs my hand. My mind goes completely blank and all I can think about is how gorgeous he is. He pulls me off the ground so I am facing him. He is so close I that I can feel the cold breeze rolling off him. He puts his hand on my jewel and immediately the heat in my chest subsides and I let out a sigh of relief. " How," I repeat? He must think I'm an idiot because that's all i can manage to get out of my mouth. He takes his right hand and gently places it on my cheek while his left hand pulls me closer. His blue lips touch mine lightly and with that touch I am filled with his ice. That intense fire I was feeling before is now gone. I stare at his lips but they are no longer blue. " How," I ask out of utter astonishment. He smiles and says, " You're fire and I'm ice."

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