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March 26, 2013
By kcasey95 SILVER, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
kcasey95 SILVER, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
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Everything happens for a reason

I step outside and let the cool, fresh, evening air caress my cheeks. I tilt my head into the air as I take a deep breath in. The smell of wet leaves, tree bark, and fresh cut grass hits my nose. I walk down the hard wooden deck and lightly step onto the soft, thin grass of our lawn. The grass tickles between my toes as I wiggle them gently. I let my hair down softly so that the cool breeze can whip my hair gently around my face. That’s when I realize I forgot something. I turn and run slowly back into my house just to grab my journal from the table. I slowly make my way back outside and start to head for the opening in the woods.

Once it opened up into the trail, I took one step in and felt the cool, squishy moss under my feet. I always loved that first feeling of stepping into the woods. I made my way through the woods, one step at a time, gently touching the roughness of the bark on each tree I passed. The wet leaves gently sliding under my feet with each step I take. I lightly giggle to myself as I realize how happy this place makes me feel.

Just a little bit farther now. Once I saw the big log under the huge oak tree I smiled with delight. The log was flat on top so it was easily the best place to sit when you needed to just think, write, or perhaps just be alone. This was a place I like to call my own. I slowly walk over to the big, round, rough log and slide my hand across its bumpy surface. It was cool and a little damp, for it had just rained the night before. I never had a problem with it when it was wet before, so I just sat down and forgot all about the dampness. I lean my back against the old oak tree and tilt my head until it rests against the decaying bark of the oak. I gently close my eyes and take in the different sounds.

Squirrels are chirping as they collect nuts and jump from tree to tree. Many different birds are singing all sorts of different melodies; it was hard to pick out just one. The breeze is whispering through the pines and oaks of the big woods. The sun is ever so gently beating down on me, heating up my body pretty quickly. I spread my arms out and take in as much sunshine as I possibly can.

I take in a big deep breath as I let the aroma of woods hit my nose. The smell is a mix between wet leaves, damp bark, and musty moss. The fragrance was completely amazing, and it made me feel like I was at home. I lift my head back up and open my notebook to the nearest page. It was kind of hard to write, considering the bright sun was beating off of my paper. I sigh to myself and move to the side so my back was against the sun. It did not take long at all for me to come up with something to write about, it all came flowing down onto the page effortlessly. It wasn’t long before I had already filled up five whole pages. I smiled down at my new work of art and shut the notebook gently.

I slowly look around at my writing spot and realized how such a simple place in the back of my yard could make me so happy and help me out. It was so peaceful and thoughtful that nothing could block my mind out here. Everything came so simple and fluently. I slide my fingers through my hair to get it out of my face and stand up slowly. I tuck my tiny notebook in the back pocket of my jeans and make my way back down the trail, again, touching every rough tree as I pass.

Once my bare feet touch the soft grass of the yard, I sprint towards the house and skip stairs as I jump up onto my deck. I pull the doors open and shut them gently once I am inside. I see my parents sitting in the living room, and when I come in, they look at me. They knew where I had been; they see my rosy cheeks and happy expression. They just smile at me as I make my way to my room, already reminiscing on the time I had just had.

The author's comments:
I had to write this randomly for my English class, and once I started writing, I just really got into it. It just makes me think peaceful thoughts. Everybody has those days where they just need a nice peaceful place.

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