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Akiki & Abdi

September 4, 2012
By Nadds_67 SILVER, Rochester, New York
Nadds_67 SILVER, Rochester, New York
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Abdi runs for his life, streaks of sweat drip down his face, his feet begin to ache from running so fast, his lungs might burst from lack of oxygen. It is a hot and humid day in the savannas, Abdis shirt clings to his skin making him uncomfortable, but still he has to keep running. From behind he hears heavy footsteps, quick long breaths, and growls. He doesn’t know what is running after him, but he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to find out. All he knows is to get out of here! Up ahead he sees a paved road for tour guides. The road is full of tourists and tour guides admiring the savannas for its natural beauty and home to the most abundant animals in the world. Abdi starts running faster shocked by his adrenaline rush.
“Help!” he cries. All he gets in return is bewildered stares. He could tell they were looking at his clothes. He didn’t care, that was the last thing he needs to worry about.
“Help!” he shouts again, but louder.
“Somebody help! Don’t just look at me like that, I need help! What are you people……heartless?” Abdi exclaimed.
He still gets no help only puzzled stares and a few whispers apparently directed at him. He couldn’t believe this! He was about to die and what he gets in return is dumb stares. If he lived through this he sooo would have shown them a piece of his mind! He stood in front of the crowd catching his breath; the footsteps are louder and closer. The crowd continues walking past Abdi paying no attention to the crazy man. Abdi turns toward the footsteps ready to face his death. He closes his eyes, his heart beats faster with the rhythm of the steps. A loud ROARRRRR! Rips through the air and the thing pounces on him and knocks him on the ground!
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Abdi screams, he managed to escape a cry before his final death. He hears someone laughing; he opens his eyes, feels for his arms, legs, and heart making sure he was alive! He shifts his gaze and sees his best friend Akiki laughing his butt off on the ground with fresh tears flooding his eyes.
“You should have seen your face. Oh man was it funny! We should try that again!” said Akiki with a difficulty since he was still laughing. He stopped only for 2 seconds and another fresh wave of laughter starts.
“Ughhhh, I ‘m gonna kill you! What in the world are you thinking, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought I was really gonna die!” shouted Abdi still shocked and exhausted from the chase. His heart was in his heels.
(More laughs from Akiki) “Im sorry I wanted to see your reaction. I’m bored, ok! There’s nothing better to do; besides you have to admit that was pretty funny. I was going to tell you that it was a joke,” said Akiki.
“Yeah…. a joke! That’s one of the worst jokes I’ve experienced in my whole entire life. You owe me, big time!” said Abdi.
“I said I was sorry, man can anyone take a joke these days! And I wasn’t planning on running after you. I wanted to scare you with the growl noises, but when you took off I though it would be a better joke. Plus you’re the one that ran, it’s not my fault. You should be blaming yourself”, said Akiki.
“My fault, I wouldn’t have run if you didn’t do those noises! Ughhh you know what just- whatever forget about it. Let’s just get out of here. Where did you park the car?” said Abdi.
Abdi and Akiki drove home in silence. There was nothing more to say about what happened earlier on. Akiki thought it was funny apparently to Abdi it wasn’t. Ohh well he’ll get over it sooner or later thought Akiki. 20 minutes later and they were home. They lived in a small town of Nigeria, Africa right by the Atlantic Ocean. Both of there fathers died from tuberculosis. Abdis mom died a year after; she couldn’t live with the absence of her husband. In Abdis hand she left a three year old girl, Aisha. Aisha died when she was 10 years old from a school fire. Abdi was left alone to care for himself. Twelve years has passed since the death of his family, he is twenty-six years old and living with his best friend Akiki. They were friends since the moment they were born and became closer friends when their fathers died. Akiki moved out of the house and into Abdis house to bring his friend comfort. Since those twelve years Abdi became very serious and not once did he mention his loss.

The author's comments:
It didnt start out this way at first. The more i started to add, the better it turned out. I hope you like this! I dont know what else to add. Please comment and it would be nice if you left some ideas for the rest of the story. Thank you and enjoy!


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