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The Next Chapter

June 20, 2012
By Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
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I jumped.
The moment felt so right. The sea wind tousling my hair, the sunshine warm on my face, everything was perfect. It was just like it was supposed to be. So I jumped. I felt the wind rush by me and waited patiently for it to lift me. I had my eyes closed, but I figured I had fallen pretty far by then. As every second ticked by awefully slow, the doubts began to cross my mind. What if the wind didn't slow? What if I couldn't fly? What if my wings didn't appear, like they were always supposed to? What if I was really, truely falling?
But I couldn't fall, I had to fly, I knew I would. If I couldn't, then all my dreams of this momeny, they would be broken, me. I gulped and held on to all the hope I had, but hope didn't hold me and still I fell. It was as if the world of reality came tumbling down on me, yet I knew it was reality the reality of me tumbling down on the world.

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