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Winter's Spring

December 19, 2007
By Anonymous

reflections in the mirror, a story they will tell, of times up in heaven, and in hell, down below. A fullfillment they promise you, of sunshine all day, dangle it in front of you, reached out, and pulled it away. Sturdy ground they said won't budge, the fact you have fallen, is the only judge. "Greener grass" is what you'll find, to be left in a hollow of things left behind. Unity they will tell you is what you will be, but the tears and scars on your heart will tell differently. Live life, because it's too short, that is what they will say, and away your blue skies go, and soon turn into grey. Your built up trust, and numness slips like sand, a hate of love, that cannot stand. Forgive and forget,live this life with or without regret. Stopped to take a moment, and froze it there in time, memories, the parts that are so devine. Reflections in the mirror, cracked and forgotten, except for by thee,the bleeding heart, the sympathy, won't bring anything back, won't change a thing. Frozen there in winter's spring. The stories they will tell, of moments up in heaven, or down below in hell. Every single part of the broken every part of you, this love, the hate, who will win, the votes on FATE.

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