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Why Only ME??

April 19, 2012
By Celeste_N. SILVER, Balch Springs, Texas
Celeste_N. SILVER, Balch Springs, Texas
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Your just mad that your not a rainbow unicorn with ninja monkeys that can talk to gummy bears(:

I sit here in my room...crying...thinking... I wonder the impossibilities as I look at the knife right beside me. They only bully me...they don't pick on anyone else...but why bully me?? I haven't done anything for them to make fun of me. "Is that a hippo or your mom," they yell in my face. Yes, it's only middle school but why?? I look back at all the hurtful comments they made at me, all the smart remarks, all the pain. I want this to be over with. Every time i try to stand up to them they overpower me, they threaten me. I wake up to nightmares in the dark...all by myself...alone. Its my only choice, Mom. You never notice how much I'm hurting, you don't see the tears that roll down my cheeks during dinner, you don't even realize I'm here...so how can I tell you what's going on in my life?? I'm sorry...I'm sorry that i wasn't important to you, Mom. I finally have made my choice...you won't see because you're not here...you will come home to me and realize everything that you should've done.

When i die, Mom, they will all cry...even the bullies... They'll all wonder "Why only her??" They will, too, realize the horrible nightmares in my life... No one has been there for me and I'm ready to take the chance...I do love you, Mom, but you won't realize until you see the blood...

See you one the other side, Mom.


The author's comments:
This article is about bullying and people committing suicide because of bullies....Stop the Bullying and Stand up...Help out those in need!!!

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