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March 4, 2012
By KIKII BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
KIKII BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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My house is not a house in my eyes it’s a castle made with gold rims and a hot pink front door. I am not Ella Rose , I am Princess Ella Rose. My neighborhood is not a neighborhood , it is the land that has been passed down through generations of my family. My Dad, Sir Mark, says I’m crazy to imagine things, because we live in a 1 bedroom, I wear a chicken food dress to school, and we live in Detroit.

Every night I look out my castle window and my dad always catches me wishing on a star, dreaming that things will get better, hoping that someday I will actually be in castle walls. One night I calmly excused myself from the dinner table. I walked slowly almost tiptoeing to my window. With every creek of the wood my dog, Sherlock, would take a big sigh. I finally arrived to the window. I shut my eyes with strength not letting any light sneak in. Crossing my fingers tightly I slowly and thoughtfully phrased “ I wish, I wish upon a star that life will get better for my dad and I. And that we will learn our true identities as a Princess and a King!”

I looked up at the bright evening star and it seemed to be enlarging bigger and bigger. Soon the house began to shake. Sherlock yelled with horror. My dad ran into my room and looked at me with an Oh-what-did-you-do-now look. He grabbed me. Shaking terribly, salty tears started streaming out of my eyes dropping to the floor resembling every piece of wood falling from the roof. He ran me outside and we looked at the neighbor’s houses. None of their houses were shaking or falling all of them were asleep. I soon looked at my dad, “ Where’s Sherlock?” but it was too late. Sherlock barked of hurt, soon dyeing of with whimpering till nothing was heard. I hugged my dad tight, a fragrance of lemon from dinner was traced on his clothes. “ Dad, why did this happen to us?”

My dad called 911 and they told him to book a hotel and sleep for the night. We couldn’t afford a Radisson or a Holiday Inn. We were forced to go to an old rusty motel. We opened the door to room 113. Immediately, it reeked of wet dog. Flies were flying around the sink like a stampede of rhinos. I held my dad’s hand tightly and looked at him with an uneasy look. “ Darling just go to bed!” I pulled off the covers of my bed. There were at least 30 cockroaches. My dad already had a rough day and this would make it worse. I laid a towel over the covers and lied down. I thought for a second…that smell that reeked now smells like $300 Gucci perfume. Those flies are now butterflies spraying magic dust that makes everything sparkle. And the cockroaches are now tiny maids tightening every wrinkle on my bed. Or maybe dad’s right my imagination is too strong.

I woke up to an unfamiliar smell, a smell that was sweet and savory, a smell that would not go away. I opened my eyes and my dad was sitting on my bedside eating I-Hop. Wait! What? I-Hop I’ve never had that, it was too pricey. “ Darling, I have a surprise! My boss fired me!!!” he said it with such enthusiasm. I sat there, O great I’m gonna live on the streets. “ But, Magically the president of Bugatti industries called and said he needed a a new CEO. I said I’m available! Now I’m going to make 100,000 a month!!!!”

“ Great Dad! Hey, what about are house and my clothes?”

“Well, they already had a house built for us. They gave me a starting salary of 1 million dollars. That’s enough for clothes. Right?”

“ Can we go see the house?”

We drove and drove for at least 30miles until we stopped to a sign that read Rose Estates. We drove for another half a mile. Finally, we drove up to a mansion with gold rims but no hot pink front door. All I could do was stare in Aw. Walking up to the house was like going to Princess Cinderella’s Castle. It was too much to inhale in. immediately people came to my service. “Oh Miss Ella! Is this a chicken food dress! That is unacceptable!” shockingly said a maid. In the matter of seconds she was changing me into a Black Burberry 2012 dress. My room was gorgeous it had a queen size bed and a pool in the bathroom. My dad must be very important because this doesn’t happen every day.

Now I’m living in a Mansion with gold rims and 64 rooms. People now address me as Miss Ella Rose but Carl the Gardner calls me Princess Ells Rose. We don’t live in Detroit anymore we live in NYC. My backyard is 10xs the size of a football field and my front 2xs that. My imagination is still alive. I imagine my room is a safari and I have to be the rescuer of a baby tiger. My dad thinks I imagine things more since we live here but I disagree. “ Dad I have one question. How did this all happen?”

“Maybe dreams and wishes do come true!”

The author's comments:
I myself imagine things!

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on Apr. 13 2012 at 8:24 pm
KIKII BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
3 articles 0 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Success is our only option, failure is not"