Bad Day

January 14, 2012
By Leslie,S SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Leslie,S SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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With a sudden crack, the soufflé collapsed in on itself. She can hardly be surprised after the day she has had.

Firstly, her know-it-all sister was named Vice President of her investment firm this morning. She is often reminded that her sister is 12 years younger than her, and 20 times more successful.

Secondly, her goldfish had committed suicide in a heroic leap of grandeur out of its glass habitat onto the cold tiled floor. So goes her only companion.

Thirdly, she missed the bus on the way back from work and was forced to walk 25 city blocks in the pouring rain. She did not bring the proper shoes for this venture, which brings up the final misfortune of breaking her nicest pair of heels in the same crack she stumbles over every morning.

Now at home she thought she would cook a nice dinner for her and her boyfriends of 15 years. The lighting struck and her house shook. That is when the soufflé collapsed and when she began to cry.

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