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Anti-Metamorphosis MAG

By Anonymous

   The view from the back seat of Mom's stationwagon revealed a world of endless perfection. The tops of snow-coveredmounds peeped over the leather door panel and through my window. Theycame and went rhythmically, matching the beat of my heart. Lookingthrough the handprint-covered glass, I squinted as the sun shone throughthe branches. Large, harmless clouds inspired dragons and bearded faces.Something can look like anything if you stare at it long and hardenough.

The dragons and bearded faces faded with the setting sun,and I pulled my furry blue blanket around my shoulders. MulticoloredChristmas lights illuminated familiar homes. Silhouettes of families andChristmas trees beamed through passing yellow windows; children shookshiny presents, trying to guess their contents.

Monotony soonset in, and I fell over in the seat, asleep. A cocoon of comfortsurrounded me as the car moved smoothly down the road.

*      rental car revealed a world made sick by time. Snow-topped buildingslined the streets; towering over the small car, they blocked the sun andlandscape. Trees marked off by small fences lined the concretesidewalks. Potholes sent jolts through the car and cracked my teethtogether. I searched for a house, any landmark, that might help me findmy way through the old town, but nothing was recognizable.

Ifinally decided to stop at a rundown gas station for directions. Thelooks I got pulling into the parking space told me to lock the car. Iwatched it through the windows as the clerk told me how to reach my oldstreet.

The neighborhood was decorated for Christmas, but mockedthe festive atmosphere I remembered. Gigantic plastic reindeer and afake Christmas tree had invaded my house, and its walls were a drearyshade of white. I parked the car by the curb and stepped out. Myfoot landed in a puddle of muddy slush, and the chillforced me to go home.

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i love this !