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The Sound of Crashing Waves...

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

The sound of crashing waves awakens me in the early morning from my relaxing sleep. As I zip open the tent, I see the sun rising while the cool breeze sweeps across my face. I take a fresh breath of the ocean air. This is the beginning of a perfect, peaceful day at the South Carlsbad State Beach.

I grab my tired sandals and towel which leaves a trail of sand behind it as I carry it over my shoulder and head towards the ocean. I leave my quiet campsite and begin to walk down a steep path. The asphalt is rough on my sore feet, but I am almost to the smooth sand. I close my eyes, waiting for the scratching touch to leave my feet as I prepared my mind for a meditation state of mind. My previous worries and concerns were eliminated the moment my feet sinked down underneath me into the sand. I am free from all thoughts.

I searched for a comforting place in the sand where I could forget my past and have peace. There it was in front of the cliff rocks where all of the softest sand was. As I sat down, my body began to sink down as the sand formed a perfect mold along my sides. I reached out to hold the sand, which began falling through my separated fingers. My feet dug a hole deep into the small grains moving a thick blanket of sand over them.

With the gentle air that stroked my face, I began to relax every muscle in my body. The tenseness was slowly released from me, now allowing my lazy mind to think peacefully with no distractions. This is my only place where I can always escape my fears and mistakes. I can leave behind the past and concentrate on my future. I can completely relax and have not a single thought pass through my mind. The waves pull away my stressful worries and the breeze brings me calmness and tranquility. South Carlsbad State Beach is the place that allows me to discover and forget.

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